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Hello all

Hope you're all feeling fine and having good weekends....

Just to say mainly a thanks to Kel78- I have just been reading her blog and it's made me realise that I might not be going crazy like I thought!

I'm in the process of moving house and having to sort out all that comes with it, I am sooooo stressed it's untrue. Got loads of stuff going on at work too. Last night I was in a right old state, crying and if I'd seen myself from someone else's eyes, probably thinking I was a bit mad! Anyway, I know this diet is not going to be easy but I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and thought I wouldn't react like this normally but the emotions that I normally numb with some toast or cheese or cheddar baguette (mmmmm that actually still makes my mouth water!) I can't numb now so are coming to the forefront. But does this mean I am going to be an emotional wreck cause I can't eat?!

I know that this journey is about more than losing weight and actually looking at why we do feel the need to eat quite so much and can't just be healthy but how do we deal with our emotions and not be quite so emotional? Or would I have reacted how I did anyway, even if I had been eating?!

Brain muddled!!

All i know is that I keep trying to convince myself that I don't need to do this and I could just eat sensibly and try and lose weight the normal way. But I know really that I have tried that 500 times and it just doesn't work for me. Ahhhh! STress head! Sorry for the rant!
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so glad someone feels the same as I do!!
the results are great but NO ONE tells you how bloody hard this is going to be, the emotions you will feel and the thoughts of food you will encounter. watching tv whilst full of food adverts and sometimes I don't think it's good or healthy to get this obsessed about food.i really feel for you kelly and start feeling less brain muddled and happier soon :)
Hi Kerry

As you say, you are going through a stressful time at the moment and I think you'd be emotional whether or not on CD. You recognise that just "eating healthily" won't get the same results, would it help to place a picture which represents how you will (want to) look like where you can see it to give you a lift?
It is not easy because you're training your body and brain to do something they're not used to, but over time this should improve. Just think of the new slim you in your new home in the near future!

PS Like you I'm in my first week and I want to lose the weight, am not hungry being on SS but brain keeps telling me that food looks and smells nice lol



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oh dear me big huggs,i felt just the same as you and trust me if you can just get through the 1st couple of weeks food is not an issue anymore,when you feel the weight falling off,and the scales going down it is the biggest boost going,i thought i can not do this too,but 4 weeks in the hunger has gone and you dont think of food at all,just take one day at a time or one hour at a time if needs be,do things slowly and take yourself for a quiet walk i do,just to get away from the kitchen is a great thing.please keep going you will feel so much better knowing you can acomplish this diet ,it does work promise. angie x
thanks girls. I do want to keep going cause I know it works but just want to fast forward a bit! I am a stress monkey at the moment and now might not of been the best time to start a hardcore diet! My boyfriend is cooking burgers in buns, chips, beans and cheese. :( It smells so good. I know if I can get through this then I can get through anything. Deep breath!
sending ya lots of positive vibes hun.......you can do this......when i'm tempted i always think to the future when i'll be able to eat 'normally' without guilt and without sliding into the rut that i was in where i constantly overate (word???) For me being a healthy weight means if i go out for a meal i can then cut down the next day and just happily maintain instead of being on a constant binge........it's the future i know it!!!!
Claire - I hope you're right! :) It's hard to imagine a world where I could eat normally, not binge or overeat. Hopefully our CDC's will help us to find that balance after we've finished the SS. One day! I guess now I'm thinking that i will never be able to eat again when in fact in a few months time I will be able to have a pizza or a normal mael but then just make sure for the rest of the day it's just healthier than the bingeing I've been doing for the past 10 years!
well i've lost just over 2 half stone and want to lose 1 more...... went on hols to crete a few weeks ago and put on........3 pound!!!! lost it within 4 days of being back!! my mind set has completely changed, i deserve to be happy with my body and i deserve to enjoy food, even on hols i'd have water and salad all day and then enjoy a meal..... took a while for my head to catch up with what i want from myself but i've got there now!!! back on cambridge properly for last 2 weeks and it's still not easy but we'll do it hun!
Well done Claire! I hope I can be like that too! I just need to realise that I can't do the eating bit until I have got to where I want to be! And that to get there I need to do this first. It's so horrible to think that I'm to blame for letting myself get like this in the first place. :|
well we could blame food manufacturers for constantly coming up with yummy food.....and shops for selling it????? Yeah ok it's our fault hee hee xxxxxxxxxx don't beat yourself up sweetie.....you are doing something about it so.......WELL DONE YOU!!!!! every time you say no to food (donuts in work today for me......noooo thanks) everytime you have your cd shake and water CONGRATULATE yourself sweetheart, you are one step closer to the body that you want x x x
Thanks Claire! You're right. Baby steps are definitely the way forward and today I was offered a bacon roll in tiger bread. And nearly done my water and 3rd day so you're right. Thank you lots xxxxx


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Hi Kerry-Berry. I think you are on the right track. Sort out how you deal with emotions and you're going to be thinner for life!
hey kerry, ooooooh tiger bread!!! and bacon!!! WELL DONE YOU!!!! these things are meant to try us!!! Hope today is a really good day for you........i'm off to be weighed in an hour!!! fingers crossed xxxxxxxx
Good luck Claire, hopefully you'll be confirmed as a loser ;) (you know what i mean!!) And indeed, these things are meant to try us and we're doing it. Yay! It is a great feeling to know you can actually say 'No'!!! xx x x x
Let us know how the WI goes!
I'M A LOSER........yay...........4lb off today, so i am one happy bunny!! Off to work at 12 and it's always treats on a sunday so i'll be using our favourite 'no' word with a smile on my face x x x
Well done Claire, can imagine you are over the moon. I feel sick as a dog today and like I could puke any minute! Charming I know. I just hope it passes cause there's no way I can carry on feeling like this for long! x

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