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Em's journey to target - 2011 will be my year!


2011 will be the year!
Hi everyone,

I'm starting the diet on Thursday and have my initial weigh in on Thurs morning. I'm really excited to get going with it, but also a bit nervous as I've never done a VLCD before.

I've been doing Slimming World on and off for the last 18 months or so, but it came to the point where it just wasn't working anymore. I'm happy that it has helped me develop a completely new healthy way of eating, and I was pretty much maintaining for a while, but the losses just weren't there anymore.

I've been trying to get to target for about 2/3 years, and I am now determined that I will do it this year. Would love to be at my goal weight in time for my birthday in June, but I don't want to set myself any strict deadlines otherwise I get a bit disheartened if I don't reach them.

From what I've read the first week or two can be pretty tough and as I've not done it before I don't really know what to expect, but I really hope I can just stick with it and work through it. I don't have to work until Monday afternoon so the first 4 days of the diet I can just mooch around the house and not do much if I'm feeling rubbish.

I haven't told anyone I'm doing this diet because I know what people normally say, but I'm doing this for me. My hubby is doing it as well though, so hopefully that will help as we will both be going through the same things.

Dreading getting weighed on Thursday as I'm not really sure what I'm weighing at the moment.

Wow, ramble over, lol. Hope everyone's weightloss journeys are going well :D
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2011 will be the year!
Starting tomorrow, eek! Only problem is I have now got to work tomorrow, so I'm a bit worried about how it is going to go, being my first day on the diet and all. I hope I can get through the day ok, and I hope I enjoy all my mealpacks and things!

Is day 1 tough, or is it once you are a couple of days in that it gets hard and the headaches and stuff kick in?

So ready to lose this weight already!!


2011 will be the year!
Week 1 - Day 1

The day has finally arrived and I've started the diet! :D Going ok so far.

I had my porridge for breakfast which was nice and planning to have a soup for lunch in about an hour or so. I have been feeling a bit hungry but keep on drinking my water which helps a bit. So far I think I've had about 1.5litres.

I've had to work today which is rubbish because for once the sun is shining and I'm stuck in the office :( Would much rather be at home right now. Oh well. 3 day weekend coming up which I'm looking forward to. Just need to find things to do to keep myself occupied so I'm not thinking about food all the time, lol.
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Congratulations for starting the CD! To be honest, i think it's sometimes easier to be working on the first couple of days as at least you're kept busy. If i'm at home all i think about constantly is food!
The key to the first week is water, loads and loads of it! You shouldn't then feel too bad at all apart from the hunger but i'm sure you can cope with that. Good luck in achieving your goal and be prepared to make good friends with the loo, as you'll be spending alot of time there!


2011 will be the year!
Thank you so much you guys for your comments :)

I have been drinking and drinking and drinking water all day, lol.

I think I can see where my problem time of day is going to be. I'm starting to struggle a bit now and have found myself wandering around the kitchen just looking at different foods, lol. And its only day one!!

I can see this is going to be tough. Feeling a bit light headed and spaced out and beginning to wonder why I'm doing this to myself! Not good!! But I am doing this because I want to lose weight and be happy again, and I am so so determined, I'm just not very good at feeling funny/dizzy/shakey and I get a bit panicky sometimes. Hope it will get easier and i wont feel like this for the whole diet!


2011 will be the year!
Week 1 - Day 2

Day 2 nearly done, woohoo!! I think I have found today easier than yesterday, which seems a bit odd. I think it has actually helped being at home and not in work because I'm more relaxed. When I'm in work I worry about passing out in the office or something, which would be super embarassing!

I really struggled during the night last night. Woke up about 3 times feeling so so hungry, it was really keeping me awake. So I'm leaving it as late as possible to have my last pack tonight, and hopefully I will sleep a bit better.

So today has been ok, but I'm worried about the next couple of days as lots of people say that days 3/4 are the worst :( So I will see how I go. Might check to see if I'm in ketosis at all tomorrow as well.


2011 will be the year!
Week 1 - Day 3

Today went pretty well really. Didn't feel as hungry today compared to the last 2 days and was able to pop out to the shops to get a few bits. No headache or anything yet. Tested for Ketosis this morning and it was negative which I was a bit dissapointed about :( But I'm not going to let it bring me down.

I've got a bit of an ache in my lower back on the right hand side which is a bit uncomfortable, so don't know if that is related to the diet at all. Possibly TMI but I haven't had a bowel movement in the last 2 days so don't know if it could be related to that or what. Hope it goes away soon though :(

3 days down, who knows how many to go, lol. It has felt like a very long 3 days though! Feels more like 3 weeks! Hope the days start passing by quicker, cant wait for my first weigh in!


2011 will be the year!
Week 1 - Day 4

Still got this ache/pain in my back today, I'm trying not to worry about it as I've only had it since yesterday but I've always been a worrier. I start thinking oh my god it might be kidney stones or something. I don't know what it is its just a bit uncomfortable. I bought some Movicol this morning and might give that a try if things don't get any better, then I've got some Psyllium husk capsules to take afterwards to try and help keep things regular (sorry if that is waaaay too much info, lol)

Felt a bit hungry this morning when I woke up, but thats probably because I got up quite late. Tested for Ketosis again and it was POSITIVE woohooo!!!! It was showing the second level of pink as well, which I'm pleased about. At least I know I'm doing it all right now, just hoping and praying for no nasty side effects :rolleyes:.

Was feeling a bit weak and wobbly this afternoon, so just flaked out on the sofa. Was fine by the evening though, although I think I left it a bit late to have my last pack as I was feeling quite hungry by then. So still feeling the hunger, even though I'm in ketosis which is a bit rubbish. Hopefully it will start to disapear completely as the days go by, dont really want to be feeling hungry the whole way through the diet as that will make it much harder.

Not looking forward to being back in work tomorrow, would much rather be in the comfort of my own home while I'm adjusting to the diet. So I can just flake out on the sofa if I need to. Will see how I get on though.

I really cant wait for my first weigh in on Thursday, this is feeling like the longest week EVER!!
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2011 will be the year!
Thank you, I was so pleased, still in ketosis today as well :D In terms of the packs I pretty much cant stand any of the soups, but the shakes are fine. How are you getting on? It must be nearly your first weigh in!
First weigh in tomorrow, soo looking forward to see if this week has been worth it! I'm getting on great, I'm the same.. really don't like the soups and going off the porridges too! and because I've left all the soups till the end because I don't like them, i've run out of everything else lol... looks like i'm living on soup for the next 2 days.. yuck! Think I'm just ordering the shakes and bars for next week xx


yummy mummy in the making
Hi cupcake monster not been around since last week so just catching up with your diary, sounds like your on the right track in the first week and a few days last week I had the kidney pain but it's purely coz the kidneys are doing so much work coz were drinking me water! Not a bad thing and it will get better! When is your first weigh in day? Once you get your first weigh in over with you will be spurred on,! Good luck will look forward to reading your diary xxx


2011 will be the year!
IDYT - Yay, fingers crossed for you tomorrow hun! I bet you will have a great result. Luckily I didn't get too many soups so I've finished them all now. But I actually was close to being sick when I was eating them, so definitely no more!! lol. I'm still ok with the porridge at the moment though which is lucky. Let me know how you get on tomorrow. :)

lancsgirl - thank you so much for your post, that has really helped to put my mind at ease, knowing that someone else experienced the same thing. Its not been too bad today, but I'm a bit worried now because I've just heard that someone I know who has been doing Lighterlife for the last 2 weeks or so has just gone to A&E with a possible kidney infection and they are going to keep her in. Don't know if it is due to the diet or what, but its a bit worrying. But then I am a bit of a worryer, lol. I will just keep an eye on it and keep drinking plenty of water.


2011 will be the year!
Oh, and my first weigh in is on Thursday :) Cant wait, Thursday really cant come round quick enough!!


2011 will be the year!
Week 1 - Day 5

Oh my goodness, I was going to say that its been another good day, but all of a sudden I am feeling REALLY awful this evening. This is the worst I have felt on the diet so far and I don't know why. Havent done anything different at all today. Going to go and crawl into bed early in a minute, dont want to feel like this :( Really hope I'm feeling better tomorrow coz I have to work all day :(

This is the closest I've felt to giving up as well, and its not even been a week yet :(
Hi cupcake monster,
Dont give up!! The awful feeling will pass soon enough an you will be glad you powered through and stayed 100%
Have a early night and you will feel much better in the morning :) xxx


2011 will be the year!
Week 1 - Day 7

Thank you so much for the support Kels :)

I managed to get through days 5 and 6 and am now coming to the end of day 7! Woohoo!! I did find day 5 really really tough. I just felt so awful in the evening, I very nearly quit. And then the morning of day 6 I was feeling a bit better but still not quite right and was chatting with my hubby and pretty much decided to stop. Then as the day went on I began to feel a bit better and I managed to stick with it 100% :D

So now its day 7 and its my first weigh in tomorrow morning. I cant wait! Im excited but nervous too, I would love to see a good result on those scales!! So I have got everything crossed. Unfortunately I have been asked to come into work tomorrow to do some overtime(I usually only work Mon - Weds), which is good in that its more money in the bank but its also pants because my hubby is off and I'd much rather be at home with him, lol. Looking forward to the weekend though, just hope the weather stays nice!


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Aww, well done for sticking with it :) what a great move!! As of tomorrow you will have got your first week out of the way! The weeks begin too fly by I promise!! I wish them all away just for my weigh in day!! But will make the most of the summer too make up for all the wishing away :)

So glad your feeling better, the diet will start too get easier ;-) believe it or not!!

Goof luck for your 1st weigh in tomorrow too, I'm sure it will be a fab one and will keep you determined too stick with CD until you get to your goal. Well done on your first week xxx

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