End of day 2....


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..... and all is going well :)

Quite like all the soups (tried 5 so far and the choc mint) - am made up that the Oriental Chilli tastes the same as the Thai Chilli on LL cos I loved that one. I also find it easier just having the 3 packs a day as I sometimes used to struggle with the 4th one - so yep the diet itself is good.

Feel absolutely great in myself, luckily I have never struggled with headaches etc while getting into ketosis --- I just suffer from being totally freezing once I'm in it!

So hopefully it's onwards and downwards from here - good luck to all those who are also starting/re-starting this week, hope it's all going good for you too ----- and to anyone who's thinking of starting/re-starting = go for it! xx
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Hi K

Glad you are finding it as easy going into Ketosis again. We were lucky like that!

Also glad you like the packs, etc., and that its going well. :)

Good luck! :) ANd get those jumpers, mittens, blankets and slippers out ready to keep you warm! :D


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Well done!:)


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Well done, glad to hear things are going pretty smoothly and getting into ketosis is not bad, I was the complete opposite so am envious!
:) Keep it up x


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Found you:D

Glad all is going well:):):)


:8855:see now I'm too big to hide! :p

Thanks everyone, and luckily day 3 is going well too, really happy iwth it all at the moment .... can't wait to see those numbers go down :D


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That's great - glad getting to/in ketosis is going well.