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end of first week

Hi all,

I started xenical 2 weeks ago, but was ill in the first week so this is the end of my first week.

i think the tablets are really good as they make me read everything when i go shopping and am surprised by how much things i cant have due the fat content.

last night i had pizza and chips, the pizza was 4.6 grams of fat per hundred grams, only had a quarter with some oven chips so was surprised i could have it.

i havnt weighed myself yet but i know i have lost a little bit as my poppers on my jacket are staying closed when i bend lol

am looking forward to getting support and advice from you all and sharing my experiences with you :gen126:
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:talk017:Hello there!

Yeah its amazing when you see what you cant have but even better when you see what you can! :D It really does make you think :) Welcome to the group and good luck with your journey :D


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Hi :) which pizza was it (I've been dying for a bit of pizza but can never find any within the rules) I've been looking for the WW pizza but can't find it anywhere around here.
Thanks girls,

Hi Amy i think it was a bbq chicken deep pan from morrisons but tesco do a version to which is 4.4grams of fat per 100grams and for half of the pizza is 395 cals and 8.1 grams of fat which is nice as a treat :)


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Will have to have a look thanks :) I have thought about getting a pizza base and making one myself with very low fat cheese, but will have to go on a hunt for cheese which is low enough in fat :)
when you find the cheese can you let me know which one it is as i want to make my own pizza too with all my fave veg toppings x


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you might find it hard to find a good low fat cheese in the rules.

as i dont eat meat/fish cheese used to play a big part in my diet,i dont it eat cheese anymore...i actually dont miss it either.

i couldnt find any that fit with the rules, even the ww cheese is twice over, and the low low stuff, its awful and doesnt taste like cheese.

ww do a pizza.

or the other thing i though of, why not make your own bake it then when youre about to eat it, add some cottage cheese :)
adding the cottage cheese dosnt sound to bad actually and i love it, we only have pizza occasionally so its nice to eat it with a diet coke and feel like im not being left out. im going to give it a try, thank you xxx


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your welcome!!


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Asda do WW pizzas, they have some in the fridge dept and also a couple of new ones in the freezer dept now.

For my own pizzas, I use a tortilla wrap as the base, tomato passata with added garlic and herbs for the sauce, and a small amount of grated moz, then throw on what my topping is, tuna/sweetcorn/onion/wafer thin ham etc or whatever you fancy, and top with another slight sprinkling of grated moz and some oregano. I do find that the oregano really adds to the flavour. If you keep within the limit for the cheese, you should be fine, but with all the flavours, you dont really need too much of it.

Heat your oven really hot first, and only keep in the oven for about 7 mins or so!! Hubby is not a great lover of pizzas, but he loves these!
I only found the WW pizzas a few days ago and iv had them for my tea for the last 2 days the ovel hot and spicy chicken yum, with mcains oven chips 3.8g per 100g.. and its soooo filling aswell.. may have to have summut differant tonight though as dont want to get bored of it, but found them just in time as i was seriously missin pizza lol

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