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End of Year Update... 5 stone less...

Hello everyone, hope all is well! I haven't been around here in ages! I thought I'd give you an update as the last time was Feb 09!

Below is pictures of the start up until Feb 09. I've added two for people below if you don't click on it. :)


Well its coming to the end of the year... and I've lost another stone, but this has been done ever so slowly (I have been having holidays, birthdays, and trips here there and everywhere!). It's now 5 stone, however I went to New York a few weeks ago - and I admit I've put on a a few pounds but this was New York!

The start...

Here is an update of me now November 2009...

I haven't been to the gym in 4 weeks though due to going to New York and now down with Tonsilitus... :(

All I can say is to people doing this out there, believe in yourself cause you can do it - If you're not honest with yourself you will get no where. You are going to have days where you want to quit, feel down in the dumps but this isn't forever, you will learn to change you're eating habits. You will learn 'do I really need this?'. I have always been the first person to hold my hands up when I've cheated, you sometimes have to have that cheat to give you that happy smile again and it will make you carry on. I am hoping to get to 12 stone before my 21st Birthday which is next year, this is the last stone which I am going to loose slowly.

'Learn the rules of the game, then play better than anyone else' is my motto... I had alot of stick for doing this diet, I also got a lot of stuff said behind my back with people saying i couldn't do it, but if you want something that much you will do it, so hold those heads up high and raise those Milkshakes for Dinner! :)
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wow you look fab well done you have worked hard and you are nearly there, stories like this really inspire me so thanks you for sharing you will get there by your birthday xxx


going to do it!!!!
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WOW you look fantastic!!! well done and what an inspiration for me on yet another restart( my last one as i feel like my head is in the right place this time)
i Love your motto and might just pinch it and use it lol.
good luck on the rest of your journey ,
Jo xx


needs a real kick in the
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well done darren , your doing great, you look a perfect weight now, good luck xxx


is going to loose!
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Darren such fabulous commitment and honesty. Look at you hey!

You really look totally different and sound like you are happy and proud and so you should be. Well done good luck on the last part of your journey and working up the plans, which I presume you are already.

Congratulations hun!

Thank you for the messages, I do feel alot more confident than I did before, but I still want to lose one more stone, but we're see how it goes. Went back to the the gym today after a month off, with New York and being ill.

It's been hard, but if you're not honest with yourself, you wont get no where! People say how hard can a Diet be with just Milkshakes, they don't know nothing. It's as soon as the Milkshakes start you want everything and anything, but it's only a little devil in you're head playing a game. Everyone can beat the little devil, and if you want to loose it that much you will.

It's been tried and tested, and I had days where I wanted to hurt people, I was like a women with PMT some days.... but it's worth it. Another stone to do, so back to the PMT for a bit... but it's all good fun when you look back and can see what you have achieved.

If I can do this, anyone can do it - i know people say it all the time, but honestly... I tried every diet in the book and it go me no where, i would give up after a week but get in the right frame of mind and you're get there... one by one those feet will walk far...


P.s - Im gonna try be around here alot more for the people who want support, its good when you can support someone.


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Such an inspiration! Also will have to show my fiance this. Hes starting in the new year and is sceptical methinks. You may be the kick up the a$$ he needs :D
Such an inspiration! Also will have to show my fiance this. Hes starting in the new year and is sceptical methinks. You may be the kick up the a$$ he needs :D
Sometimes us men need that.... I'm gonna maybe hit SS for a few weeks to see if I can get another stone off. I just have to gym now which is the longest part... it will take ages to tone etc, but hey ho it will be worth it. I said I want to be finished for my 21st, so thats July next year. :)

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