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Enough is Enough

Hi, I've been struggling with CD since January. I've lost 2stone which I'm happy with just it's taken me 4 months to do it due to stopping and starting so many times and slip ups nearly every week. So I've decided enough is enough. I'm going to switch over to WW. I'm just fed up that every time I cheat I put on 5lbs overnight. It's just not a diet you can do that with...But I just can't seem to stick with it for any decent length of time. I really admire and am in awe of all of you guys who stick with it 100% and the weight drops off just like that. I wish that could be me but I've given it a shot (again) and I will maybe come back if WW doesn't work out. One thing is for sure. I am committed to losing the weight but I just need to find the best way for me to do it! Thank you all for all your suspport with CD. I'm not leaving minimins....just maybe switching over to
the WW section ;).

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Good luck with whatever plan you decide to do Tiara...we are all with you on this losing weight marlarky and fully support you.
Well done on your 2 stone loss so far...what ever way we decide to lose weight the road is never an easy one...but the end results are so worth the hassle and the struggle.
Now go kick ass and get to goal gal... You can do it. X X
Aww I know what you mean. I like you have stopped started stopped started and just can't seem to carry on more than a few weeks, then put it all back on again in no time at all! Then i found this site and wow the encouragement in seeing all those pics and things everyone says. So nice. Take care and you will find something that really does suit you. x


Finally...Life begins
Hey T,

Sorry to hear you are leaving the cambridge clan, but pleased you seem to be making the right decision for you, half the time thats the battle. please keep in touch tho, let me know how you are doing. Remember the castle next year!!! :)
I'll still be walking along side you for our dieting journey regardless of whatever diet either of us are doing!!

Together we can and will do this!!!



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Im exactly the same, i started the beginning of april and ive lost 22lbs, i keep cheating but tbh i like the way i can take a week off here and there, 22lbs in 7 weeks for me is ace, i dont stick to a diet longer than 2 weeks, good luck with WW


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Good luck with WW and well done on losing 2 stone so far, looking forward to hearing how you do xx
Thank you all. Well managing my 1st day of point counting ok so far. I will look in every so often. Hopefully I can do this... If not I'll be back on CD again!
Best of luck with the new strategy :)
Hiya, sorry to hear you quitting cd. Its not for everyone though.Wishing you lots of luck with ww and i will still be popping in on your diary to see how your going

becky xx

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