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established88's diary

S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)
Thought this might help me along a little bit!

If anyone is reading and sees I've pointed anythunk wrong, please do point it out!

Points allowance - 26

Ok, so today.

B - Nout

D - Quorn pieces smothered in Tabasco 1.5
Noodles 5
Banana 1.5

T - Quorn Steak 1.5
WW Chips 4
Beans 2
WW pud thingie 3

Snackies - Toast! 5
Total for the day = 23.5 points
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Sorry to butt in! lol

My leader has recently told me you should eat no less than 3 or 4 points less than your allowance - so your minimum points per day should be 22 or 23 AT LEAST! There are a few reasons why - firstly your body can go into "starvation" mode and just cling on to all the reserves you have for fear or not being fed enough all the time.
The second reason is that when you do lose the weight, as each point is deducted you will still be eating ur 18-19 points resulting in REALLLLLY slow weight loss, if any! Much of the time you could STS.

Its much better to eat all your points at the start hun - I learnt the hard way with my STS !
Also ... not to preach, but "breakfast is really important"!!! It kick starts your metabolism etc etc etc ... even just a banana or yoghurt will do the trick babe! :)

How are you finding it so far?
S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)
Hello Sugar Snap :)

I'm finding it fine, I've done WW before, so just trying to kick start my memory really!

I managed to have a couple of pieces of toast before I went to bed last night, so that took me upto 23.5 for the day, I'm not trying to eat few points, it just always seems to happen! I'll just have to try and have nibbly bits through the day!

As for the breakfast thing, I know, I totally know, people always tell me this! But I physically can't eat breakfast :(
I tried my first time round doing WW, I managed to stick at brekkie for a week, but something like 4 out of seven days I ended up being sick, it makes me feel that bad! I'm usually fine by about 10.30ish, so I'll have to start trying to sneak off in work and have a 'Nana or a little snack! I'll have to just count them as later breakfast Lol!
S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)
OK, so far today...

B - 'Nana - 1.5
Toast - 2.5

D - Tesco Lighter choices Veg cup a soup thingie - 1 (This was VERY nice, was super surprised!)
6 x Morrisons mini crackers - 1
Mini WW Vic sponge - 1.5

T - Noodles - 5
Quorn pieces 3
Veg bag, free?

I had snacks throughout the day to try and get anywhere near my daily points!

Pack of Tesco lighter life Cranberry crisp slices - 3
3 x Hovis digestives - 3
Options Belgian hot choc with skimmed milk - 1 (I only had a bit of milk, but I'd had a cup of tea through the day too, it was still nowhere near 100mls, but thought I'd point it anyway, just in case!
WW Mini Victoria sponge - 1.5 These are SO cute and verreh yummy! :D

Points used - 24.5
Points to carry - 5.5
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Cordial is usually free - is it sugar-free? I tend to use these and they are DEFFO free then! :)

I know I am the same for breakfast, try to leave it as late as possible! As long as you do eat something before like 1pm lol. :)

I always tend to undereat too ... asked my leader why I had STS when I wasn't eating all my points, found out that infact 16-17points is way to loss for me hence why I wasnt losing! So making sure I am having enough now :) Seems to be working though - according to my scales at home i've lost 2 pounds since Sunday (4days!) get in!! :)

S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)
Ooooh, excellent about the cordial! Diet fizzy drinks are 0 too aren't they? I've been looking at some other drinks and stuff to, its pretty hard to point cause they don't have the SF's on them! Tis very annoying!

I'm going to stick with trying breaky for a bit, even if its at like 10! No harm in trying!

Well done on the loss btw :)

Here's today's foodyness:

26 points with 5.5 carried 31.5 total (yum!)

B - Cranberry crisps - 3

D - Bread- 2
Laughing cow cheese tri - 0.5
Banana - 1.5

T - I made a big pasta thing for tea, very yummy! All free (I think) except...
Mixed beans 1.5
Quorn Mince 3
Pasta 5
WW Pitta bread 1.5

Snacks - Cheddar cheese and onion Snackadooles 1.5
Cheese Triangle - 0.5
Digestive - 1
WW V.Sponge - 1.5
Malteasers - 3.5

I love having a calculator, it makes it soooo much easier! :D
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S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)
I seem to be having quite a hard time using up all my points without eating lots of snacks, I've been SO full the past couple of days!

Ok, Here is yesterdays.

26 points with 6.5 carried.

B - Cereal 1.5
Milk - 1
Quorn Saus - 2
Beans - 2
Pitta Bread - 3

D - Bread - 2
Cheese Tri - 0.5
Snackadoodles - 1.5

T - Chips - 4
Q. Saus - 2
Egg - 1.5
Tomsauce - 1
Pitta - 1.5

S - Digestive - 2
WW. V Sponge - 1.5
Maltesers - 3.5

30.5 used
S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)
Again, had lots of snacks to try and get close to my points.

Today's diary (20/06/10)

B - Cereal - 1.5
Milk 1
Banana - 1.5
Eggy bread - 3.5
Q. Saus - 2
Tom Sauce - 0.5

D - Cup pot noodle thing - 2
Bread - 2
Cheese Tri - 0.5
Digestive - 3

T - Jacket spud - 2.5
Veg pack - 0.5
Quorn Lemon and black pepper escalope - 4
Flora light - 1
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S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)

B - Cranberry Crisp Slices - 3
Banana - 1.5

D - Cup a soup - 1
Bread - 2
Cheese Tri - 0.5
Crackers 1

T - Noodles - 5
Quorn Poppin bites - 3.5
Veg bag - 0.5
Pitta 1.5

S - Hot Choc - 1
Milk - 0.5
Digestives - 2

23 Used
S: 20st9lb C: 14st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 28 Loss: 6st4lb(30.45%)

26 allowed - 3 Carried

B - Cereal - 1.5

D - Quorn Beef Chilli - 1.5
Rice - 2
Bread - 3
Butter - 1

T - Quorn Beef Chilli - 3 (This was REALLY yummy!)
Rice - 3
Wrap - 3
Mixed beans - 1.5
Babybel - 1.5
Miller Beer - 2

S - Coco rocks bar - 1.5
Fudge bar - 2
Mini milk - 0.5

27 used

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