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eurgghhh fed up, time to start from scratch!week 1 day1!

i recently started slimming world but its been a total mess so far, xmas and new yr was a bit of a nightmare and since then ive been working every day in two different jobs so not been able to food shop or prep food at all. been trying to eat as healthily as i can but im fed up and need to take this seriously and get my act together.
I will tell you a bit about myself...ive always been slim and i am a sports coach, however i started taking medication for a particular problem over a year ago and its going to be an ongoing thing for a long time. the problem is, is that ive put on alot of weight and i seem to be getting bigger by the day!!
like i said before ive always been pretty slim and i tend to be greedy but its starting to show now!
i really need suppport and this site seems really good for it so hopefully ill start putting things into action now!
unfortunately i cant afford to pay for sw at the min but i have the books so going to use them-i will prob guess at sins so if anyone knows real sin values ill greatly appriciate it.
heres to 2011 guys, lets make it a good one!!:)

day 1:green day
breckfast: x2 shredded wheat(Hexb), milk(hexa)banana
lunch:jacket pot, beans and salad.
snack: veg pasta(0) wedges? approx 7 (7)
dinner:jacket pot, egg mayo(yoghurt)salad
snacks:mullerlight cheesecake yoghurt(1)
1 of the big quality streets (4?)
drinks: tea(milk used with rest hexa)
hot chocloate:4

yikes seems ive had too many sins-well wasnt going to start until tomorrow anyway. at work from 9am-midnight tomorrow so wont be able to prepare food doh!
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Hi Lizzie,

Good luck with SW. I know that things are difficult with food prep because of the long hours that you are working but is there a microwave where you work ? And do you have a freezer ? If so, I would encourage you to bulk cook when you have a chance and then take home cooked stuff into work to heat up. That means that you can eat plenty of food to fill you up but which is syn free. Then you can save your syns for the stuff that you really want.

People here will be able to help with syns (search on the syns forum then post if you can't find what you're looking for) but you'll need to give brands and specific detail.

Hope all goes well and your very long day at work is ok.

Gail x
thanku for the advice!!
well im off tomorrow so im going to get some bits in so ive got stuff in for when i havnt got much time. its really about organising i suppose. will try and write a food plan for week aswell, iv tries that before and it really helps!

todays diary:
b-shredded wheat(hexb), milk(hexa) banana
l-tuna(hexb)salad, boiled egg, apple
dinner-veg curried rice
snack-mullerlight cheesecake(1)

thats it so far, quickly managed to type up before i go out for my other job! how unfair! hope youve all had a nice day x

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