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Evanesco's JUDDDD Diary


I'm the tortoise.
Hey Everyone.

Been considering giving this a go for a while and finally started yesterday. I have 20lbs to lose, OH is also joining in, she has 55lbs to lose. Based on the calculator I'm to have 392 cal on my DownDays, but this seems ridiculously low, so I'm thinking, so long as I stay under 500 cal for the induction period, I'll be ok. I don't have the book yet, I ordered it from Amazon, it should be here by the weekend. I want to keep a record of my DownDays on here. OH eats pretty much same as I do on DownDays, so it'll count for her too.


Coffee = 18 cal
Coffee = 18 cal
Tesco Energy drink = 6 cal
1/2 pk Pombear Bakes = 55 cal
Asda Energy drink = 16 cal
Slimfast drink = 220 cal
Mushroom Stirfry Mix = 87 cal
Prawns (95g) = 59 cal
1/2 Veg Oxo = 9 cal

Total = 488 cal

Suggested DownDays = 392 cal (Me), 482 cal (OH).

We both feel pretty ok to be honest, not too hungry. I've worked out today, The Biggest Loser Game on the Wii, not sure if OH will be too.

The main reason for trying this and moving away from SW is that I've swopped jobs, I now work for McDonalds, and they feed me >.< I know I could say no, and I will have to on my DD's, but we enjoy food, a lot, and this is a way of not deprving ourselves. We obviously won't go overboard on our UpDays, since that defies the point of the Plan, but it takes away the guilt, something we struggle with.

We'll be weighing in every 8 days, since you should WI after a DD.

After WI next week I'll record our suggesed calories, but so long as we're doing ok, we'll be staying under 500.
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I'm the tortoise.
This part of the forum is very quite!


Tesco Energy Drink = 24 cal
Carrot Battons = 29 cal
Apple & Grape Bag = 42 cal
Chocolate Energy Shake = 233 cal
Coffee = 18 cal
Chicken Cup-a-Soup = 53 cal
2 Crispbreads = 69 cal
12.5g ham Primula = 25 cal
25g Pickled Onions = 6 cal

Total = 499 cal

I've felt fine all day. I had bags of energy yesterday and was really hyper, and very hungry all day, so I ate plenty. It appears that on the days I can eat freely, I can't satisfy my hunger, and the days when I'm on reduced calories, I'm not really hungry. I'm going to have to do 2 DownDays in a row next week to accommodate a social event, we'll see how that goes >.<


I'm the tortoise.
3rd DownDay


Coffee = 18
Coffee = 18
Energy Shake = 164
Slimfast Shake = 220
Grapes & Apples = 42
Carrots = 29

Total = 491

Bit concerned about how my hunger levels will be tomorrow, since I'm doing another DownDay. Hopefully I'll be ok.


I'm the tortoise.
2nd DownDay


Coffee = 18 cal
Cheerios (25g) = 82 cal
Milk (100ml) = 43 cal
Energy Drink = 24 cal
Chicken & Bacon Salad = 160 cal
Sour Cream Dip = 165 cal

Total = 492 cal

I thought I'd be starving all day, but I've actually been fine. It probably helps that my shift at work was 4pm to midnight, so I haven't had time to think too much about food.

WI in the morning.


I'm the tortoise.

3lbs off for me!!!
4lbs of for OH!!

17lbs to go for me.
56lbs for OH.

This changes our DownDay calorie intake to 388 cal for me and 477 calories for OH, but since it's working at staying under 500 calories, thats what we'll do for the 2nd induction week.
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I'm the tortoise.

Chicken & Bacon Salad = 160 cal
Sour Cream Dip = 165 cal
2 x Rice Cakes = 58 cal
12.5g Primula Spread = 25 cal
Choch Cherry Options = 60 cal

Total = 468 cal


I'm the tortoise.
Weighed in on Thursday.

1lbs on for me!!!
1lbs off for OH!!

18lbs to go for me.
55lbs for OH.

Since this is the end of our induction period our DownDay calories are now 833 for OH and 681 for me. See how this goes. Bit disappointed with a gain, if I get another gain next week I'll start counting on my UpDays too.


I'm the tortoise.
Hi there. I haven't read all the book still. I moved up to 30%, OH did too, but she gained this week, whereas I lost. But I gained last week.

2lbs off for me!!!
1lbs on for OH!!

16lbs to go for me.
56lbs for OH.

OH is going on to 728 on her DownDays, since she hasn't been exercising. I'm going on to 515, since I'm not currently exercising either.

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