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Evans Spring Range


I am one of the 63336
I popped in to Evans today and they were unpacking their new Spring season stock. As usual they have loads of sleeveless tops - they obviously know that we like to cover the tops of our arms as they have lots of bolero tops and cardies, extra money from us (sneaky gits!).

Anyway, I was chatting with the manageress who said she has tried quite a bit on and it is coming up small.

So, if you are an Evans shopper (roll on the days when I can go elsewhere!) don't be too disheartened if you have to go up a size. It's not you, it's their sizes xx
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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thank you for the heads up Sue!
I can now shop in places like New Look and M&S (bigger range) as I sometimes find Evans clothes are sometimes too frumpy or the colours are a little too "bold" for me!!! Lol
Thanks for that Pat, I do like a lot of Evans stuff, especially their jewellery.
The thing I don't get with Evans is why they insist in making their clothes in the loudest and most garish patterns they can find. When you are big you don't particularly want to wear a top that screams out "look how fat I am in this" !!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree! Im a red head and most of the clothes dont suit my colouring so put off for a start!
I also find that although the trouser sizes come in smaller, the tops are like tents!
I have never shopped in Evans but I am really amazed that you say their sizing is small!!! that's ridiculous! as if we all don't feel big enough as it is without having to buy their clothes in a bigger size just to make you feel even larger


Silver Member
I have never been keen on the cut of Evans clothes, TBH, and I think the prices are fecking incredible!

I often root through the local charity shops on my days off work. Most of my clothes are Evans, Next, M&S or even 'designer', and I rarely pay more that £3.50 an item ;-)


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I'm size 14 now so can go to all the shops, but because of my age (45) most of the clothes are unsuitable and too young. arrgh, you can't win! I'll have to look in evans and see if I can find something bold and bright!


Minimins is the best!
i must admit never been a fan of evans...apart from when it comes to bras!! its very expensive, comes up quite small and none of the clothes are cut nicely, i admit i have a massive chest in comparison to the rest of me, but all the tops and jackets are tight on the chest and then flare out massively over the rest of me - ie on the shoulders, arms and tummy area...makes u look like you are double the size!!!!!
cant wait til i can just go to primarni and pick up a 16 trouser and know it will fit!! OK i would rather a 12 but one small step at a time!!!!


Full Member
I've never understood why they don't do more tops with sleeves! I know everyone is different and it's all about what you feel comfortable in, but being overweight I have NEVER liked having the tops of my arms exposed, and just can't understand why the designers of larger clothing ranges don't seem to take into account that their customers might have body image problems. The same with loud colours - lots of people don't want to draw attention to themselves.

Evan's shoes though are great :)

Last year I started making my own clothes, if only so I can add a few extra inches to the bottom of tops so they don't ride up when I sit down. I'm not good enough yet to wing it, but it's definitely a skill I'd like to improve upon. I also feel quite empowered by it all, nothing worse than spending a whole day shopping and when all the high street shops only adhere to whatever trend is in fashion regardless of whether it suits everyone.
I'm size 14 now so can go to all the shops, but because of my age (45) most of the clothes are unsuitable and too young. arrgh, you can't win! I'll have to look in evans and see if I can find something bold and bright!
Have a look in next, they have some wonderful stuff this season - oh to be a size 14 and to be able to wear it all - I am very envious of you :)


No Coffee, No Workee
I have to say, I hate Evans' stuff - for the reasons that others have mentioned already, the loud garish prints and the stupidly inconsistent sizing. The only things I do like are the bras and the shoes, especially the shoes as I have very wide feet, and I can almost always guarantee that their 6W fitting will fit, whereas in other places I usually need a 7 or even an 8.

In terms of clothes I get an awful lot of mine from George at Asda, the sizes go up to 24 and the quality really isn't all that bad. These days I'm also able to fit into the top end of M&S stuff, which is nice. I can't wait to be able to go to places like Next, Oasis, Dotty P's and Monsoon, though. :)


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I get most of my clothes from evans and then my nan takes them in because nothing ever fits properly lol. once got £45 from evans because i got measured for a bra there bought it wore it twice and it snapped and the wire cut me. I like their shoes though x
I agree about the sleeves. I hated shopping in Evans (before other high st stores cottoned on to doing larger sizes) and the main reason was because they always insisted on having sleeveless tops. Ugh. Also their trousers never fit me and the crotch was always too long!
So with you on the AWFUL bold prints they have there, I'm all for a bit of colour, but not lime green / orange and pink in one top!

Also... the quality is a bit pants and it's expensive!

Try www.yoursclothing.co.uk I love it! x

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