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evening danger zone

I find in the evenings I get bored and my thoughts turn to food ....
So what do you do when that happens ?

This week wont be so bad as i wont be slumped infront of the tele as the OH is away in Denmark working ....so i have a list of packing jobs to do ....

I am cosidering buying the wii Zumba to have a go at too

any ideas what to do to take my mind off rubbish carbs
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No seriously though, there is lots of stuff you could do...

- go out for a post-dinner walk to curb the dessert craving;
- read a newspaper, and have a go at solving the puzzles too;
- put on an exciting DVD;
- meet a friend for a drink (soda water and lime, obviously!);
- go for a bike ride;
- organise your filing (yuk!, but satisfying);
- start a recipe binder in which you collect your favourite recipes;
- do something crafty like making cards, or painting, sketching, making felt decorations for X-mas (I also recently made a papier mache thing, I totally forgot how much fun it is, and my hands were so gluey I couldn't eat chocolate if I'd wanted to!);
- compose a piece of music on your computer or play an instrument if you have one;
- listen to a new album;
- clean the bathroom/ kitchen / living room while listening to your favourite radio station;
- do the ironing;
- do some gardening if you have a garden;
- surf the web looking for a new haircut / outfit / pair of shoes / workout clothes you'd like;
- ...

Running out of ideas now, off the top of my head, but that's the kind of stuff that keeps me busy - I don't even own a telly, so I have to come up with ways to entertain myself :)
If I get any time alone (rare as I have a toddler and a 4 month old) I love to get into my bed and read a really good book. Just loose myself for an hour or two.

I love the time to induldge in a long bath too without four little eyes peering at me.

I get so cosy that I don't want to move to go to the kitchen. Or why not make the muffins or a gallette and have a little feast?

I am very new to this but evenings are my danger zone as well and I am usually so exhausted by the time the kids are asleep that I am looking for something stodgy and sweet.

Am going to have to learn to cope with that.


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I used to move my desert to later in the evening so that I had something to look forward to later on.


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I have taken up knitting. BIG BIG BIG needles and nice thick wool. I've knitted 4 very long scarves for winter (or this great British summer). Never knitted before. Went online found very basic knitting instructions and away I went. It's very satisfying. I put on something I've Sky +ed and away I go.

Frozen greek yogurt in front of the telly - it feels like I'm indulging, it's not too sweet, and somehow chilling my taste buds seems to kill all cravings
I bought a £15 ice-cream maker from Robert Dyas - it's paid for itself 10 times over.

I just haul it out of the freezer, mix up Greek yogurt, normal yogurt, sweetener and a choice of flavouring (lemon zest, rose, vanilla, coffee, nutmeg, ginger, fresh mint...) and let it rip for 15 minutes.

The only faff is washing the bowl and letting it refreeze for at least 24 hours before I can make the next batch.
I'm working my way through a boxset of alias in a room with no access to food. Not exactly productive but I dont have much energy in the evenings.

It might not be quite your thing but manicures are a good thing to do with your hands that prevent you eating and require some concentration.

Wii zumba sounds like a good idea, or any game you can get engrossed in.
ive never worked out how to get the tv on at the same time as the wii lol

was oktonight as OH not here mmmmmm maybe I should just get rid of him lol

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