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  1. Plumjuice

    Plumjuice Banned

    Im now on Slimfast after coming off CD due to the price :(
    I am excited about carrying on my weight loss but am struggling for ideas for my evening meal...the last few nights Ive had grilled chicken breast with carrots and cabbage...Im bored of it now

    Any ideas? Ideas that dont contain bread, pasta rice or spuds? x
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  3. Pink_Fluff

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    any particuar reason for not wanting carbs? Slimfast is completely unrestricted so you can have those things. One of my faves for dinner is a bagel with smoked salmon, scrambed egg and salad. I eat all sorts for my dinner including things like pizza and burger and chips and aways keep it under 600 cals. If you are really against carbs try substituting pasta etc for quinoa as its a protein.
  4. BecciMac

    BecciMac Member

    At the mo i have bough a few microwave meals as they are all calorie counted so as long as i have under 600 cals i eat what i want. Will go on to cook when i get to know callories in certain foods.

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