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Evening snacking :-(


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Maybe try having dinner later? 7pm is normally when I eat my evening meal - any earlier and I'd be hungry again before bed but any later and I'd be too full to sleep.

Ciara b

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Yes I tried that started to have dinner at 6 it's not so bad but for the days when I have dinner that bit earlier I do be starving later looking for snacks I mite just have to starve all day for dinner at 7 lol


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I always have some sugar free jelly made up in the fridge. Its also a good way of using up any fruit too. I chop soft fruit up & pour the jelly over the top & leave to set & all for 0PP. :)

I also have carrot sticks & cucumber chopped in the fridge for snacking. :) xx
I also always have sugar free jelly with fruit for my hubby and if we have to eat early because of his shifts I used to budget my points so i would have enough left for a wrap about 730 if I got hungry. Having to rethink as I can't have wheat or fruit right now so last night I have some really lovely almond butter with celery sticks it was yummy and very filling 4ppts.


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Just be careful with the sugar free jelly - the ready to eat stuff (the wee tubs) are only free for one. You have to start pointing them if you have more.

Anything up to 5 is 1pp and then after 6 is 2pp etc.
I have a big bowl of fruit 0pp then put a ww toffee and honeycomb sundae over the top (put in microwave for 20 seconds before I put on fruit) for 3pp

Yummy x

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3pp is that for the whole bag of popcorn? I'm going to see Harry potter on Saturday that would save me loads of pp :)

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I always want to snack at night. I try and save some points for evening snacks, such as humous and pitta, ww choccy bars or some snack a jacks. I tend to use my 29 during the day and save about 6 for night snacks lol

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