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Everyday a new challenge


Tough But Sexy X
Hi, well so far managed to get through each day, with very little problems. Although the water is a bit of a bug bear, read on here that its easier to space your water out between packs, which I have to say is working for me now and so onto day 5! Go me :)!!

I am finding that everyday comes with a different set of challenges. It brings me a lot of satisfaction when I think about how I managed to overcome them and get through another day!

Today for me its a long drive on the motorway, this in itself would have normally meant a front seat full of goodies from the petrol station, which I would have previously called 'my journey friends' to keep me company. Today I have a new CD and lots of small bottles of water as new friends :) not looking forward to the number of stops I will need though lol.

So, what's your challenge today and how will you/did you overcome it?

Looking forward to hearing some great hints and tips to help me in the future.

Have a great day everyone!:) x
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You are doing really well keep it up X

You are doing the right things swapping old habits for new ones. I always find water goes down easier if its sparkling and in a wine glass ha (old habits die hard but red not in the glass any more) x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Yup... As Jane said, doing well Hun!

Re the water... I use the 'water wheel' method! The idea is you sip little & often... As if you were trying to keep a water wheel going round steadily... :)

It's a chosen fave method by many on VLCD's... And gives your body the constant rehydration it needs... Always just drink to thirst though... That's the key!

Good luck... :D

Oh, and my challenge is always drinking the water... But I always manage it, wanna give this diet all the help I can! ;)



Tough But Sexy X
Thanks both, loving the wine glass method :) I had a very tempting day today lots of sparkly on offer, even asked if i wanted to take one home, but I resisted. Its really strange that my head is in a very different space with LL. I just hope it continues I am sure it gets harder as time goes on. Good luck x