Everyone on LL/CD, help!


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Hi Cordyella

There are many many threads on this site about exactly your problem. I have to say stick with it as it does get sooooo much easier. Try having a look at the recipies and have a go at making some crisps. I have the same routine every day.

Caramel with teaspoon of coffee, hot for brekkie
Bar for Lunch
Crisps for dinner
And a lovely hot choc made with peppermint tea at bed time.

Boring I know but works for me. I find it difficult to get the soups down as soups unless I uses copious amounts of tobasco!!!!

Good luck........


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i know icemoose went from LL to CD and i think mini did too. i know plenty other have but cant think exactly who.

u should try pming one of them for advice. i know both mini and icemoose r incredibly helpful



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Hiya cordella,
how are you making the shakes?

I hated the shakes at first, used to just use a hand blender and had to get everyone out of the kitchen and gulp it down with my eyes shut - :eek: that went on for 2 weeks!

Mixing them in a blender makes soooooooo much difference - I fill a pint glass 3/4's then top up with ice cubes - whizz up in the blender - then add the pack... and drink with a straw :p

If you dont have a blender, you can get them quite cheaply from tesco for about £15 - keep the receipt tho, I'm on my third one!!

Stick with it it really will be worth it, also maybe think of the packs as medicine - you need them for the nutrients, and they will help get you slim and trim :D
Hope that helps


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Give it a few more days first, I hated the LL packs for the first couple of weeks but you do get used to it.

Also how you mix them is critical, get a good mixer or aerolatter as they make a lot of difference.

And yes there are more flavours on CD and I am glad I moved over but if you are getting benefit from the formal CBT workshops on LL then hang in there, also remember you can have bars in a few days and they help.



Thanks everyone. I am sticking with it!
I use a hand blender to mix the shakes as I hate any lumps, & I make them fairly thick so they are gone quicker.
I have a blender so once I dig out the ice tray & have some ice, I'll give it a go that way, I have to say the colder the shakes are the easier they seem to be to drink, so doing it this way makes sense.