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evil penguin is back on track!


I finally plucked up the courage to start a diary! I had one on the slimming world diary page but I kept about 3 different food diaries that in the end I had to pick one and stick with it lol but I really want to keep track of myself now that I've started xenical, more than just a food diary (which I keep on paper) and more about how it's going, or general random xenical related things.. I dunno! Because when I was just doing SW I had people in the real world I would speak to about how I felt or whatever, but now I'm feeling kind of alone so this forum is my lifeline!!

Anyway lets give it a go :)

Basically I’ve been on a diet since 2009 and I’ve not got very far. After months of going back n forth to my GP I have a guessed diagnosis of PCOS and a prescription for xenical! The PCOS thing was unexpected because I originally went to see my doctor because I was having panic attacks, and then they discovered all these other things I had going on that I’d never thought much of, so they ruled it down to PCOS but haven’t scanned me or anything. Anyway all I know is that it’s going to make weight loss a little slower for me and that’s why she gave me xenical.

I was really scared of xenical tbh, I had heard too many horror stories and the rules seemed too strict for me, so I had asked my GP for an appetite suppressant but was told that Reductil was now illegal and I couldn’t have it, and she said I wouldn’t have got it anyway because of my blood pressure and anxiety issues.. so I have xenical, and I actually really like it :)

So today is my 4th day and it seems to be going well. At my Slimming World class on Wednesday night I lost 2.5lbs and that was with totm and a pretty rubbish weekend, but not down to the tablets because I had only been taking them for a day and a half at that point, but it was a really good start to my new journey! Up until Monday morning at the doctors I had been so upset and so demotivated, I was ready to give up. I’m glad I didn’t get Reductil because I would have still been eating the wrong things I just wouldn’t have felt hungry all the time, so I’m glad I got xenical now. It’s been like a brand new start for me and I’m so motivated and happy! I was very wrong about the rules being strict, there’s so much I can actually eat! This week I haven’t really followed Slimming World because I’m still trying to figure the xenical out, but it’s going to be pretty easy to combine the two once I get into it. I’m going to keep going to class because I need the support & motivation.

This weekend is going to be the first challenge I think. I always struggle with weekends, especially if I’m going out. I find it hard to have all 3 meals at the weekend, because I usually sleep in and by the time I’m ready to eat it’s lunchtime so after that I’d just snack until dinner and if I’m going out I might not even have dinner. So Saturday I have breakfast planned (venison sausages, toast & beans – although I dunno if I can actually eat those or not lol) and dinner is planned too (the green curry from Kes’ recipe thread!) so I’ve not planned lunch, because breakfast will probably be at lunchtime. There’s no nights out this weekend so that should make it easier. I have plenty of homework to do for my evening class anyway so no excuses to be cheating!

Anyway this is a long post and I can’t think of anything else to say! :D thanks for reading! xxxxx
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Just wanted to say hello...and good luck with the fresh start :D It sounds like you've got your head into gear, which is half the battle I think!
I'll look forward to reading more of your diary :)


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oh that green curry is the best! soooo yummy
Hi guys, how are you all?!

Thanks for all your replies!

Aaliyah the past few days have been fine thanks, the weekend wasn't as hard as I expected!

I was gonna pop on over the weekend but I never got a chance, not that I was busy I just didn't find the time between cooking, shopping, catching up on TV, sleeping etc never even got my homework done so will need to do that tonight. Don't know where the time goes :sigh:

Diet wise the weekend was good! I tried a mini muffin from Costa because I read the nutritional info wrong and thought they were OK to eat then realised I'd got it wrong but just ate one anyway lol I didn't have any side effects so it's all good! The skinny caramel latte was good too, and if I read it properly it was something like 0.5g of fat :D

Kes I made the curry, omg it's soooo good. My bf loved it and we're definitely making it again! So yummy! Oh and I made a leek, pea and chicken pasta which was also yummy, got the recipe from the October Slimming World magazine if anyones interested! I substituted the Philidelphia for Asda's own brand low fat cheese and chive creamcheese which is within the rules! And I had toffee apple crumble and custard for pudding!

Tonight I think I'm making chicken tikka masala using a WW sauce in a jar because I'm lazy (and I've got homework to do, guinea pigs to clean out and a ton of laundry to put on so it's easier to use sauce in a jar!)

Hmm suppose I should get to work now! :innocent0002:

Glad the weekend went well. I always find it the hardest time of the week but getting better at it!

That recipe sounds lovely, will have to get some e.l phili next time i'm shopping.

Hope you have a good day


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That curry is lush isnt it!! i love it... and so does the hubby!! lol

well done on the food/weekend front.. woop woop
Yeah Kes it's gorgeous, it's actually better than the full fat one we used to make! Much preferred making my own paste! We had it with veetee piri piri rice it was a good combo :D
Just had the most amazing lunch at work! My pasta salad with chicken, red pepper & spring onion is so filling:D and I had a bag of Ryvita minis sweet chilli.. sooo nice! Followed by my usual banana, apple, Muller light and an Alpen light bar.. stuffed now!

Leaving to go see my anxiety nurse man in about 15mins then going home to get started on this homework! Wish I wasn't going to the doctor but sort of need to I suppose!
Lunchtime at work again. Having sandwiches today because we couldn't be bothered cooking pasta last night. Oh but I did chop up some melon for breakfast to fill me up a bit.

I actually remembered to take the tablet before eating as well haha!

So last night I weighed myself (I know I shouldn't) and the scales were showing a gain. The only thing I had off plan was the drink at the weekend, and that mini muffin from Costa!! Totes undeserved if you ask me. Then this morning they were showing a loss again. Anyway, WI tomorrow so I'm going to ignore the scales until then. I never used to take my scales seriously, honestly. Think I might hide them.

Ok going to eat lunch now:D
WI has arrived! Class is at 5.30pm tonight. I can't wait! Jumped on those pesky scales again this morning and it's back to showing a loss. Here's hoping I don't gain weight from now until this evening lol!

Oohh.. last night I nipped into M&S Food to pick up a loaf of bread and I had a cheeky look at some of their cakes (mostly to torture myself I suppose) and anyway to my surprise I found a pack of 6 buns with 2 of them I could actually eat! They were something like 4.6g fat per 100g/3g per product.. so guess what I had for pudding last night? :D I don't think I'll buy them again because as I've said before I find it hard to stop at one treat, but I was just so happy I could eat them I had to buy them lol. They were good :D

Anyway, today is the start of my 2nd week on xenical! The first week has went well and we'll see the result tonight at WI! I've had no side effects apart from abnormal poo to start with - that's away now, and lots of pumping, so no embarrassing accidents, no urgent need to poo, nothing like that! I'm really hoping for a loss tonight, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up too much. I've already told myself that if I don't have a loss I can just try again for the next week and so on. I don't want to go off track because I'm really enjoying it and feeling positive about my new eating plan!

Ohhhhhhhhh good luck for tonight chuck! I am sure you will be fine, you seem like you have things sussed ;) Yeah just like me CAN'T stop at 1 treat, gotta have a few to make sure lol :D What we like! Have a good day and keep smiling chuck! :D xxxxxx
Thank you hun! Yeah one treat is never enough eh?! I was really good at Costa though I only had 1 mini muffin and I gave my bf the other 5 lol:D


size 14 here I come
Good luck for WI :D you sound really focused, well done :)
Ok so I didn’t exactly rush online to update my stats last night. I got home from work and weighed myself + my scales read 21st 2lb, which is ½lb more than the class scales. So I went along to class and their scales also read that I was half a pound heavier. I was so gutted!! I honestly thought I’d lost!! I had to force myself to stay for class, I really felt I’d had a good week and could not see where the half pound had come from! Obviously I had wine/beer at the weekend but in reality, only maybe 30 syns worth, not half as much as I would normally drink and it usually doesn’t affect me if I use flexi syns. Grrr!!!

Anyway, after class I went to my mums and I must have gone for a wee about 30 times, then when I got home I peed again about another 30 times, no joke. So I hopped back on my scales and I was 3lbs lighter!! And without my jeans on I was about 10lbs lighter lol. I really think the gained weight was fluid, and I had drank a lot yesterday (bottle of water, about 7 coffees, diet Red Bull = more than I usually drink tbh). So I’m totally blaming water, forgetting I had a small blip and moving on with my life!

It would have been so easy for me to give up last night. I so want to do this so I’m not giving up ever! I mean I was really upset and angry last night but I think I’ve slept that off and now I’m just back to being positive. I got the measuring tape out and was working out how many inches I have to lose from my hips until I fit into size 18’s…. it’s about 13 inches.. so I’m going back to the gym definitely :D

My change of plan this week is that I’m not buying any pink & whites, because I simply can’t be trusted with a whole 6 pack in the house. And I’m going out on Saturday so need as many syns as I can save for drink! This week I’m going to count syns, healthy extras and fat content…wish me luck!


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