Ex Lighterlifer now doing slimming world


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Hi All
I've done lighterlife for a year and lost 11 stone 7lbs but now I want something a little less extreme to do to keep my weight off and lose a little more besides!! So I start on slimming world after christmas (I was in abstinence last year so this year I'm treating myself to a proper dinner!!). I've been on Minis all the way through my weight loss journey and I know the support on here is phenomenal so just wanted to introduce myself on the slimming world section :)
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Thanks 30FG!! I'm proud of what I've achieved but I'm terrified of gaining again so Christmas is being a tricky period for me!!! But I guess if I gain that will make me more determined to lose it again!!


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Welcome to sw section, wow what an amazing weight loss. What exactly does lighter life involve. I have often thought about doing something like it then maintaining with sw but i'm too scared as i don't know what it involves. Good luck with sw x


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Hi BLP...Lighterlife is a complete food replacement programme with counselling... it works if you are commited like any diet. I was on it for over ten months but then I started to feel a little poorly, my bodies way of telling it was time to change my plan! I don't think I would have had the willpower to lose the wieght on slimming world and such because I had got sooo huge!! but it has changed my life!!


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Well done on your great weight loss and good luck with SW.


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Wow! What an amazing loss! You look great...welcome to SW section :)

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Wow!! Well done on the loss so far Hun!!
Don't panic about Christmas, even if you do have a little gain, I am pretty certain that it won't be anywhere near the amount you have lost!! Just enjoy yourself and concentrate on the sw plan after the New Year. Welcome to the Sw part of Minimins and good luck!!


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Wow what brilliant pictures - well done you.
And well done for deciding that you still need a plan for maintenance, so many people go back to eating 'normally' (!) and put it back on and then some.
You'll love SW.


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welcome to our little corner, i've commented in previous threads but I'll say it again, you've done amazingly well, you should be sooooo proud of yourself and then some! good luck with SW xxxx


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Hiya ! I did Lighter Life a couple of years ago, had a tummy tuck a few weeks ago and am heading into the world of SW in the new year. I'm nervous that I won't be able to stick to it - always struggled not having sandwiches for lunch - but like the idea of unlimited fruit & veg so am going for it. I wasn't sure whether to join a class or go for the online option. Anybody got any advice ? Hils x


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wow well done on you loss and welcome to slimming world