Exante or Calorie Counting?


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Hey guys :)

I have been doing Exante for the past 2 weeks and have lost 7.5lbs, my problem is i am hungry...and when im hungry i cave in and eat! so i have had a couple cheats! however i have been reading this forum and thinking of doing a bit of both?

So today i have had:

B- Don't have breakfast as never hungry
mid morning- 70cal pack low fat crisps
L-Veg Couldron curry & pitta bread 400 cals
Dinner- Exante shake 200 cals
Snack- 100 cal cal cereal bar

so that's 770 cals and loads of water! do you think this sounds like a good plan? x
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I couldn't cope on so few calories, but everyone is different, so if it works for you then see how you get on with it. x


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im eating not very many calories at the moment. Pretty much enough to keep me going lol

I tend to have 2 x toast for breakfast or 2 x egg on 1 x toast and for lunch a weightwatchers soup and evening veg and chicken or something along those lines. Have lost half a stone in 2 weeks too.

I would say make yourself eat something for breakfast because then it keeps you full until lunchtime and you dont have to snack :p X


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The problem with doing your own very low calories diet is ensuring that you get all your vitamins and minerals. That's what the shakes are designed to do. I read somewhere its impossible to eat all your vits and minerals on less than 1200 calories. There's no point damaging your body to lose weight.

So i'd say either stick with Exante (plus a meal if you are too hungry) OR go low calorie (1200-1500 cals). Either will work.

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I don't know about that. I've got various medical professionals keeping up with my calorie counting and other than needing iron tablets intermittently, there isn't any concern over it meeting my dietary needs. It hits all food groups ( although fairly low in carbs and saturated fats) and it's very healthy.

I'm not combining it with shakes though, so it does put the onus on me to make sure it's well balanced and healthy.