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Exante - Ready, steady........go!

Hi all
I am returning to minis & have decided to try [and succeed with] Exante.
I have a lot of weight to lose & many failed attempts in the past - I am trying to think of them as trial runs. :)
I received my packs today & have decided that I will start next Thursday, a couple of days in work, then a weeks holiday (at home) should see me gently over the worst of any side effects - fingers crossed.
Any & all support gratefully accepted - I am determined to do this.
VLCD here I come!!
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Good Luck and I like your thinking...trial runs....I've had plenty of those too.


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go fo it and good luck :)


Is a woman on a mission.
Good luck Janet! You can do it hon...keep your eyes on the prize, set yourself mini goals and keep posting here...good or bad we will all get through it together.

Look forward to chatting to you more.

Love Boo x x


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Good luck Janet. I started Exante on Monday, and on my 7th day in I'm really happy with it (and have lost 5lbs...weigh in on my home scales properly tomorrow). I've done CD before and had more side effects with that, but on Exante, I've only had slight headaches or hunger pangs and not often. I reckon you'll do great on it :) Good luck :fingerscrossed:



taking it 1 day at a time
Good luck Janet
Best of luck Janet!


Still Motivated
Welcome to the world of Exante Janet :D

Looking forward to sharing your journey ;)

Love Myr xxx
Well, after a slightly delayed start, I began yesterday, although I intend to weigh in on Saturdays (more time).
Yesterday wasn't too bad, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the bar(choc orange) & shake(banana) was - I consumed the soup(veg) - but will have to spice it up a bit - I assume tabasco, etc are allowed?
Is there anything we can use to flavour water? I know LL has flavourings which also help provide fibre.
I have decided to give the house a much needed spring (a bit late I know:sigh:) clean! So far it's working wonders to distract me & I'll have a decluttered shiny house:D
Charity & tip bags are filling up nicely - but I do hate going to the tip, still needs must.
Hope everyone is doing ok, holiday weekends are always a challenge :)


Going for it.
Hi Janet - hope it's going ok. I found days 3 and 4 a bit of a struggle but by day 5 I was feeling great. I think Miss Demeanour (whose blog I read before I started Exante and helped me such a lot) put it so well when she said somewhere that all you have to think about is today. Just getting through today. And if that's too much just think about getting through till the next meal (ie soup, shake or bar) which can only be a few hours away or most.

Thinking like that really helped me cope till ketosis kicked in. Then of course it becomes so much easier.

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