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I've done exante but came back to cambridge as want the safety of working up the plans, exante shakes are nice, not nasty but just very plain and creamy and very filling too,(chocolate smells vile though :rolleyes:) lol. Bars are like rice krispie bars, not too bad...not had soups though.

Price was a big reason i switched to Exante, But personally i prefer the variety of cd products.


please try again
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i switched down to the price, i was paying between £42 and £50 a week for cambridge plus it was taking me a tenner in petrol each week to get there and back. now i pay just over £25 a week for the shakes and bars bumper pack, i love the banana shake and the choc orange bar and the others are ok but for the price ill learn to love em


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Im going to have a think about it, my CDC charges £2 for shakes and soups, and £2.30 for tetras and bars (which Id live off, given the chance) but thats £48 a week, very expensive, but I guess, in the long run, its an investment in my health


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Thats an interesting read. However it says that on Exante you have 3 meals a day - I am doing SS with 4 shakes, as otherwise I dont think I could stick to it. By the time the kids finish school I am in need of something!


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I switched, prefer the variety of CD but the price and bars of Exante... Like previously mentioned... You learn to live with it! X
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I've switched to Avidlite and must say I prefer their meal replacement products, lots of different ones to choose from and alot cheaper too :)

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Just beware - many of the avidlite/dietimeal/protimeal etc products are not full meal replacements. Read the pack information very carefully or you may go very short of essential nutrients. Cheaper is not always best.

Those products come from the same manufacturer and are sold in the UK and worldwide under many different names - the Kee Diet, and even (I think) Celebrity Slim, plus tons of others. They simply pay to have them repackaged with their own logo and info but the types of product, flavours and ingredients are the same.


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I was thinking about it actually but I am doing the 8 weeks I have planted in my head and then see how things are, I'm settle with CD, by the way I only have chocolate tetra pack only...they are the only ones I can stomach - just. I agree its an investment and you are being managed by your CDC and I think having that weigh in help me too.


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Im seriously considering changing, £100 a month is a MASSIVE saving, it's just I told my fiancee, and I got the 'you never stick to one diet for more than 5 minutes' lecture. I tried to explain that, essentially it IS the same diet, but he's not having it.


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I've done LighterLife, Exante and now Cambridge.

I liked the Exante bars, but didn't particularly like the shakes or some of the soups and you don't get a choice - you just get a mixed box. I never had the LL or Cambridge soups, so I definitely don't want the Exante ones. If I'm only 'eating' a very limited diet, I'm definitely not happy having to have something that I have to force down.

I also found that I didn't stick to Exante for more than a few days because I had no one weighing me - this definitely helps me stick to the diet, although it's a matter of personality of course.

I agree, the smell of the chocolate shake on Exante was vile!!

I switched to Exante, and have done 2 days on the exante packs. They are not bad tasting, and not as sweet as the CD ones. which is fine with me. They do smell a bit like a hamster's cage:rolleyes::rolleyes: before you mix them, but they taste okay!!

I swapped for the price - £100 a month is better than the £160+ it was costing me on CD, and i reckoned that if I didnt like the packs, I would just put up with them until I'd used them up go back to CD if necessary.

Am (quite sadly) looking forward to my choc-orange crispy bar for supper later!

Ch x
I loved the Tetras when I was on CD, especially the chocolate ones. I used to freeze them into ice cream! Mmmmm.

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