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Excercise making me very hungry


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Hi all

Been on a calorie counting diet since beginning of January. Started building in exercise in the last couple of weeks. joined a Gym for the first time ever and have been 4 times in a week! and been doing bits of exercise on the wii and fitness videos.

Problem is I am constantly hungry now. Obviously I am burning off more calories but even taking this into account I seem to be hungry all the time even though i'm having a couple of extra snacks now. Is it just me??
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Losing the mummy fat

I went to the gym this morning for an hour and even though I've been having snacks inbetween meals, I am starving!
Never normally like this, only when I've exercised.


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Glad its not just me. It's so annoying though - can't help feeling it defeats the purpose if I end up eating more!! Ra. Though am enjoying the exercise so am determined to stick with it. Hope it will get better once i get used to the exercise.

scottish lass

i find that having a bottle of water with me helps. if i feel hungry i have a drink or a piece of fruit. what about having sliced veg like carrot and cucumber at hand throughout the day to fend off those hunger pangs
Try eating little and often. Try having a banana after exercise that might help


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give it a week and the hunger after the gym dies a way down


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Hope so. Feeling better today so maybe i will get used to eat. Determined not to give in.


Hi Jane,

I am exactly the same, i go to the gym 3x a week and every time i come out i am starving :eek:

Im calorie counting also, so what i do on my gym nights is i have a small dinner about an hour before the gym, usually a weight watchers meal, then i have been saving some of my calories so when i get home i can have either a few snacks like low calorie yogurt, and a piece of fruit or i will have a bowl of cereal, this is the only way i have been able to do it, ive been going to the gym for 4 weeks now and im still hungry when i come out :eek: dont think that will ever change lol.xxx


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Drink more fluids! Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. Next time you feel peckish, drink 8 glups of water or more. If the feeling goes away, it was thirst! Water is the magic potion of weight loss!


Hunger is a good response that shows that your metabolism is likely increasing from the exercise.

Your body is crying out for energy which shows you gave it a good go at the gym, and this is exactly what you want.

I know it sucks when you feel like you need to eat more afterwards, but this is where smart food choices and control come into it.

To curb the post-workout hunger pangs, get some protein (from a shake if possible) and an apple for some carbohydrates. That should keep you going until you eat another meal about an hour later.

To see great results its important that you feed your body during this post-workout time. If you do not, then your muscles will take longer to repair themselves over the next couple of days. This of course, leaves you less and less time to be working out at an effective intensity.


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I am finding it much easier now. Am going to the gym after work, having a small snack when I get back. And then dinner an hour or 2 later. Seems to be working. Think my body is starting to get used to the exercise as 5 weeks ago i did very little exercise and now going to gym/classes/dvd 4 times a week. Making sure I have a light lunch on gym days to save calories for a snack later.