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Ive just started so i have no energy at the mo and im really worried that when i come to my first weigh in i wont have lost much because i dont have the energy to do much at the mo, just lounged about all weekend and work in an office during the week. Do i need to force myself to go for a walk for this to work or can i just wait till i get my energy back and then try and start to excercise more. im really worried that ill come to my first weigh in and it wont seem worth it if ive only lost 2-3ib.:cry:
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i wouldn't worry.
most people take it easy the first few weeks and most do no exercise at all through their journey and still lose weight.i'm one of the latter.

its recommended that you only do toning anyway and no heavy cardio.maybe do something light when ou get your energy back.

you will lose quite a bit as it's your first week.exercise or not.

good luck for your first weigh in and try not to worry x


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Exercises like cardio etc isnt really reccomended anyways as you can put yourself into starvation mode. If you feel like you should be doing something try light toning exercises.

I did no exercise whatsoever during my whole 21weeks of TFR and i lost 6st10lbs ... i'm just lazy lol

So i wouldnt worry about it - chill and enjoy getting slim :D
I go to the gym 3 times a week...some people don't do any. Either way...you WILL lose weight. It's about listening to your body and knowing how much you can do.

You can't NOT have lost this week hun. 400 odd calories a day HAS to mean your body uses fat to make up the difference. I predict a huge loss for you and that you're going to be delighted. Try not to worry... it WILL happen for you

lol, same as summergurl, i've done no exercise either.
i just finished my first week and i was so wrecked everyday i came home from work i got my duvet and lied on the sofa til bedtime. I started going for a walk during lunch basically to keep occupied but walking very slowly and not to far. And i also work in an office so not like i do much activity there. Im planning on doing toning later on but not while im so hungry coz i dont want to push my body in2 shock.
I go to the gym twice a week, do 10 mins walk, 10 mins bike ride and some toning for my arms and legs, and a few sit ups, it hasn't caused me any problems and i come out feeling full of energy. I don't push myself hard, just enough to get my heart beating a bit faster. it stops me thinking about food!!

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