not for long hopefully
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Obviously any excersise would help, but I would say dont overdo it, take things easy and at your own pace. I'm no expert, but am just doing what a few others have told me.
Good luck


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I swim atleast 3 times a week and go for 1 or 2 aqua aerobic classes a week. I tried the treadmill, stationary bike and cross trainer and although I could do a good solid hour before am knackered after 5 mins. Am hoping to start doing some weights soon, to aid toning up. Hope this helps x


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i do anywhere between half hour and an hour on treadmill at brisk walking and with it sometimes on steep incline

i also do weights for toning of my arms, and occassionally do a work out dvd.

nothing too hardcore but i find i feel better for it and it makes me stick to CD as i dont want to undo all my hard work. i had a tip off a friend on here, that you should have your shake after you hav done your 'workout' as your metabolism will be boosted and having something to eat - be it a shake or a bar - will kick start it further


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I know the diet is a really good one on it's own, but just wanted to know if any of you excercise and if so, how much?

I've never been much into exercise :8855:but I know that's something I need to change at some point.

One thing I would say, is that if you're not doing much in the way of exercise at the moment, and you're doing SS, give yourself a couple of weeks to get into the diet before adding the additional stress of exercise. SS is pretty tough on the body in the early days. But after that initial period, it's fine to start introducing exercise. Just don't try to do too much too soon because you run the risk of making yourself feel poorly - a surefire way to find yourself giving up the diet too soon...



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thanx guys ....will leave it a few days before starting any excercise...will go for my weigh in on sunday and see what she says.
good luck to you all!!


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Thank you for the advice I am on week 2 and this is really helpful.

Purple Hugs

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I have been swimming and took up Karate before I decided to come back to CD.. so have continued with those :) Both are going fine. :) I was worried that karate would burn me out too soon but have a shake right before I go and lots of water when there. ;)