excerise ????

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  1. nicolas

    nicolas Silver Member

    :confused: hi all, just wondering about excerise, i kno chemist does not recomend it at the begining, but i;m just wondering any of ye that have been on lipotrim for a long time do ye excerise, if so what do u do and does it affect your weight loss> ?
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  3. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Some people say cardio can slow your weight loss as your burning off too many calories.

    toning is probably the best :)
  4. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    I went to the gym 2-3 times a week from week 2 on LT. I did mainly toning with light weights but a little cardio every now and then. I averaged about 4lbs a week so it didn't affect my losses at all. They do recommend exercise on this but not a lot of cardio just in case your body goes into starvation mode. Just listen to your body and if you feel too tired stop and take it easier next time. I also did a lot of walking from week 1 too, which can only help!
  5. awin

    awin Full Member

    I'm taking my gym sessions more seriously now and just do 5-10 mins of cardio as warm up then move to weights with 3 sets of 10 on weights. This is showing results.
  6. nicolas

    nicolas Silver Member

    thanks guys i'm not 1 for the gym as i have an early start every day i up at 530 am in work for 6 then work till 4 pick kids from school,homework houswork, cook dinner! couldnt face goin to gym then i dont think, but i do horse ride 3 or 4 times a week when i was on ww they figured that was as good as swimming or 1 hour of a power walk, but i dunno what i'll do for toning esp my tummy area, i was thinking of just doin sit ups etc at home? any sugestions?
  7. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    I have an exercise Wedge (pretty much the same thing as an exercise ball)

    and on the back of it it has all these different exercises to do!!

    I find it really painful to do situps on the floor and find these great for sit ups!
  8. nicolas

    nicolas Silver Member

    sounds good will have to find something like that !
  9. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    i got mine from the Avon catolgue!

    But you can get the balls and stuff in tescos or argos :) xxx
  10. Yorkshire Adam

    Yorkshire Adam Gold Member

    i go to gym probly 6 times a week sometimes more sometimes less

    doing cardio has never slowed my weight loss down tbh so meh
  11. nicolas

    nicolas Silver Member

    thanks guys ! excersise was never a strong point with me! but hopefully now with all this energy will start!
  12. Michillinwoman

    Michillinwoman sugar binger

    Hi Nicolas,

    I am also v lazy normally when it comes to exercise and didnt do a whole pile while I was on LT (An odd walk here and there)and It didnt seem to effect my weight loss (.lost 2.5 stone in 7 weeks). Now that I am on maintenance I am trying to swim a few days a week and I go to the gym when I can . Its not necessary to go mad with the exercise but a little bit is a good habit for afterwards.
  13. Yasmine

    Yasmine One last chance

    I', lazy too, I've got to start my exercise now though. Gotta tone up before i go to Maroc, won't tone a lot as I've got about 4 weeks before i go.

    half an hour a day is the least we need to do :)

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