Excess Baggage! BiB's Weight Loss Diary !



Started the Cambridge Diet today. Weight Watchers was ok for short term but far too much scope for cheating for a food addict like me.

My BMI is 46, which is shocking, although at a GP checkup a few hours earlier he admitted I am in tiptop health and all the checks he did were spot on. He did agree I need to lose weight now before I get much older (I am 37 now) and although he doesn't agree with VLCDs he didn't forbid me from going on it. Just made a few pointed comments.

My husband is 100% behind me doing this, my kids don't really get it other than my soon-to-be-teen who thinks it sounds revolting. I hope she is wrong!!

Strawberry shake for breakfast - wasn't bad, tasted a lot like Angel Delight but shakes aren't my thing so am looking forward to soup more! My throat kept closing up on me and from the comments my husband was making while I glugged it down all I can say is thank god it wasn't vanilla :eek:

But its done, the drinking of 2.25L of water will be a doddle as I do that anyway, and I only have to do this two more times today!!

I have no idea how I will get round it at work without telling anyone but am hoping they will believe its Slimfast or something more "socially acceptable" and leave me be til I am ready to own up. Not sure how a blender will go down in the work kitchen!

So here goes, every week I will update my weight so its clear how well I am doing (lets think positive!). I have 6 weeks til the first social event that I can't escape from that involves a 4 course meal, so I want to be at least 28 lbs lighter my then.

I CAN do it. I WILL do it.
Hiya BiB

You can and will do it, just close your eyes and suddenly you will be skinny!!

Good luck

Congratulations on taking that first step and just take this one day at a time and even one minute at a time. Have you thought about taking a tetra to work? It does work i started at 20 st 1.5 lb with at least 10 st to lose and so far have lost over 4 st. Everyone on here is so supportive they keep you going. There will be hard days when you may even think about giving up but don't as the next day will be better. Have small targets rather than looking at the whole picture - the first st off or getting down into the next st.

You can do it

Irene xx

OMG not sure I can do this and feel SO utterly pathetic :mad:

Vegetable soup. Its not BAD but its not great. I can taste what I guess is all the supplements in it more than anything and the colour is putting me off. My favourite soups are tomato based ones but have read nothing but bad about spicy tomato and oriental chilli so avoided those on my first day.

Hope it gets better :(
Hi BiB
Of course you can do this!
I absolutley HATE the soups, i only have shakes and tetra's, you'll soon get to know the ones you like, and apparantly lots of peoples taste buds have changed in time too! :)

I love the idea of a diary, have just started one myself, so keep at it, you just said to me, if i can do this you can do this! :D
Hang on in there ! You have got tons of determination by the sound of it. You will get used to all the flavours and stuff. You are bound to have favourites but everything is worth trying once. I am on LL and have heard bad stuff about Thai Chilli soup but I think its yummy, we are all different. Good luck, Melissa
Thanks Emmie and Melissa, you have made me feel better.

I guess skipping 1/4 or 1/3 of a pack wont kill me, not this early, as long as I make sure I have one full one per day and eat a good 2/3 - 3/4 of the ones I can't stomach while I find some I love!

I know its in my head, I am expecting it to be foul and not giving it a chance!

On a plus point, nobody really questioned my blender LOL!!

Onwards and downwards!
Back again.

I have to give this a go even for one week. If I can't stick it after then, at least I will have kicked off my weight loss again and I shall do it another way that I CAN stick to.

I always KNEW the taste would be an issue and I really wish there was a way to get this out of my head.

I also am going to struggle at mealtimes. Here at work its hard, I can hear and smell people's food so I think I have to eat mine, then get out of here and walk around the hospital for half an hor while they eat, I work on the top floor so thats 52 steps up and down I can take over and over by using different stairwells.

I yearn so much to succeed at this, but I can't force myself to eat and drink things that I really dread and eating half a pack here and there won't do me any good.

Going to see how the week goes. I have padi for it so I have to!

Fingers crossed!
Hi Bib i have all my shakes hot and they are really nice i couldnt stomach them cold, and i dont like the soups, i did at first but went off them ages ago and have been having hot shakes ever since.

You Can Do This And You will

Good Luck
Hi BiB
If you can make it to week 3, perhaps you will like the CD bars, they also have mix a mousse which makes shakes a bit like angel delight,
There is also a recipe thread, where you can 'cook' the packs and make crisps and muffins and biscuits with your packs!

I am useless at making anything with the packs so im not the best person to help you, but maybe disguising them will help you!

I also read earlier, someone said that they get all of their packs over and done with early, as they only need them for the nutrition and can get on with their day then!

Something to think about, i quite like the idea of not looking at the packs as meals to be had at mealtimes, but just get them over with and get on with my day! :D

Sorry i ranted on a bit, hope some helps!
Quick addition while the kids eat their nauseating tea (hot dogs, how DO they eat those :eek: )

Feeling REALLY low but determined to keep on.

Cold and tired and just had to do the food shopping - perhaps should have worked that one out better and done it online or sent H!

REALLY feel like this isn't the way for me at the moment but I am sure we all have moments like this - I am just so surprised mine has come so early, I am usually SO motivated!
I also read earlier, someone said that they get all of their packs over and done with early, as they only need them for the nutrition and can get on with their day then!

Something to think about, i quite like the idea of not looking at the packs as meals to be had at mealtimes, but just get them over with and get on with my day! :D

Sorry i ranted on a bit, hope some helps!

That does sound good as I am not actually HUNGRY I don't think, altho of course I could eat, so maybe rather than spreading them out, find one I like, get them eaten and just get on with my day/water etc

I do love water, so that is a bonus.
Hi guys.

Bowing out I am afraid. Had a very emotional evening and after trying 3 more sachets, I just can't stomach the taste :(
I wasn't hungry at all, enjoyed the water and was motivated to do it, but its the taste. I was heartbroken, H was great, couldn't believe how much of a state I had got myself in over something he feels isn't a huge deal.

So I am going to stick to a real healthy eating plan for a while and see how I go. If I feel a bit more like it again in a little while then I can have another go.

Having made this decision I feel like a different person so fingers crossed I am a bit more motivated to lose weight regardless of CD.

Thank you all so much for your support, I think I will still post on here to keep myself motivated!
Hi BiB
I was wondering where you'd got to!

If you feel that good about your decision then this definatly wasn't the right time for you! You have to be in the right frame of mind, i know as this is my 5th restart!

Good luck to you with your weightloss, are you continuing with this diary?
I'll keep an eye out for you! ;)
Hi BiB, sorry that you are stopping CD, glad that you are happier having made that decision. There is no point doing something that makes you miserable and not being able to stomach the packs must be really tough.

As you said, keep posting on here and get the support and motivation you need to continue with your weight-loss journey, wherever that may take you.:)