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excess skin...


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I have just shocked myself! At work and went to the loos. Was checking myself out in the mirror and have a short sleeved top on. Lifted the sleeves up and i noticed for the first time how much weight i had lost on my arms! I can now see where my arms should be but there's lots of loose skin, it's gross. It shocked me so much i cried. Oh my god i have another 6 stone to loose, what else is gonna happen to my body??

The only other place i can see this happening to is my stomach. God i hate it, and wanna have plastic surgery to remove it but can't afford it!!! Has anyone else suffered with this? Can you tone up this excess skin? Help!!!

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hi there i i am worried about this too and am only on day 3 - i remember going to docs about my fabby belly ages ago and they wouldnt help until i had lost the weight but excercise does help and until you get to goal you will definately tone up xx


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HI Echo! Cocoa Butter - every day, whether you feel like it or not, rubbed vigorously into every problem area makes a big difference, and it's a nice pick-me-up at the end of the day. Bio-oil for stretch marks too - works a treat. But definitely, excercise targetted at the areas you might be concerned about is the way forward. I have already started on my sit-up regime - I lost almost 4 stones on LL a couple of years ago, so I know my tummy will show the worst! Also, apparently a good regular exfoliating regime helps stimulate new skin cell growth, and the helps with the amount of elastin and stuff that your skin produces. :)


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Thanks Karren and Coco, i'll deff be trying much harder at the gym from now on, thanks for the tips :) Hope your both doing well? xoxo


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Thanks for the friend request, Echo - just realised I should be taking my own advicve here too, and have dug out the cocoa butter! Also, debating on putting my stepper in my office - I work from home, so I could be stepping away to myself while on these stupid conference calls - that will keep the thighs in check hahaha!:D


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Hiya, Apparently it takes about 6 months for your skin to catch up when you lose a lot of weight quite quickly. I Lost 5st and did have some loose skin at first but with exercise, time and Bio Oil it firmed up. I don't know if this works for everyone. I hope so. But it's definitely worth persevering with Bio Oil and toning exercises xx


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Coco-I know what you mean lol, i used my coco butter last night, love the smell of it :) and also went to the gym.xoxo

Surfhunny-Thanks for the tips i'll deff try the bio oil too xoxo

You guys are great, love ya xx


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It doesn't work for everyone - I lost 7.5 stone on LL & looked far far worse naked than when I was big. It is very dependant on genetic make up, age, lifestyle etc as everyone is different - I did exersice, lotions etc, but if skin is stretched for a long period of time, there isn't much hope of it going back to how it was - think of an inflated baloon for ages then it goes down- it will never go back to how it was unless its inflated again - something that NONE of us want to do. Some doctors will help with surgery, but again it depends on the area & the weight will need to be kept off for a minimum of 1 year before they will even consider anything.


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you will be fine, you just really need ot concentrate on these area's! i am concerened too, ive just started and im going to buy cocoa butter tonight!!...you should focus on doing press ups stood up against a wall! try and do 150 a day..you could do 10 every hour or so, the results would soon begin to show! stand watching eastenders just raising tins of beans over your head and doing bicep curls! little and often, then gradually build in weights! you will look gorgeous in no time at all!!

good luck!! x x x x


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It also made me more fanatic working out on my wii.


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go on girl you will end up looking great....and the excercise will defo make you feel good about yourself!! x x x

Louie lou

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I think I will be the deflated balloon, all over, my arms, my tummy, inside on legs. :cry:

After 20 years of being stretched to capacity,:grumble: my poor old skins got no chance.:eek:

I could rub creams and oils in all day and it wouldn’t make a scrap of difference.:(

I have come to the conclusion that if I look better in clothes and am healthier then that will be good enough for me.:p

I was a walking time bomb, Diabetes, heart attack, stroke, cancer were all around the corner, I was lucky that I’m as healthy as I am.:sigh:

I was scared that I would become ill and end up being a burden to my family.:sick:

I sore an article in a magazine about a couple who had lost 15 stone between them in 24 weeks and I was intrigued.:eek:

That lunch time I rang a CDC and booked in, that was 12th may last year.:happy036:

By the time we went to Mexico 5th September I had lost 4 stone:scale: and so had my husband:scale:, I didn’t go straight back on CD which I should have done:doh: because I would have been there by now.

Started again in January and so far lost another stone.:stickdance:

Will keep going till May when I go on holiday again,:airplane: and then as soon as I get back.:)

At least I’ll live to enjoy my baggy skin. :Dxx


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I am part of the deflated balloon group, arms were 17" at the start now 12" and saggy so are my boobs, tummy and thighs but before I started CWP I hated my body 100% with clothes on or off now ok clothes off not much difference but clothes on I feel great its all swings and round abouts really.