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I am still very hot even though we have had lots of rain and its a lot cooler, I am sitting here with sweat running down my face and back, my hair feels like I have just washed it as it is that wet.
I know that losing my excess stonage will help but from my memory I have always sweated lots. Its so embarrasing even in the winter, I can't wear close fitting clothes as I end up with awful sweat stains.
I have asked my Doctor and she said that the excess weight wouldn't be helping but there is not much they can do for whole body sweating - if it was just underarms there is an operation you can have but that is now always succesful.
So I spend most of my time in the bathroom, washing or having a bath just to cool down and remove the stale sweat.
Does anyone else suffer from excess sweating, and if so how do you cope.
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I also suffer hun, and always have. However, I have always been overweight. I hate it running down my face...I feel so self-conscious about it. Like you I always seem to be in the shower :sigh: I just try to wear cotton clothes (especially tops), and nothing too tight-fitting. I'm awful for always buying black or white (they don't show the sweat! :() Have you tried something like Driclor? It's got aluminium chloride in it which is supposed to be a very strong antiperspirent. I think it works by blocking the sweat pores. I've never tried it as I have hugely sensitive skin and try not to use too many new products, but it might be worth investigating :) xxx


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I spent a fiver on a special deo one time and found it pretty useless. I like Mitchum though - I use the roll on and have never had any problems with underarm sewating with that. Sorry I can't help you more. I do always tend to feel roasting hot though and it's pretty uncomfortable for me, and that has improved by losing even one stone though so hopefully if I lose a bit more I won't be the office floozy any more, going around in summer tops and exposing loads of flesh while all my skinny colleagues huddle around radiators!

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