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Discussion in 'Exante' started by Nessa1980, 27 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    I ordered my exante 4 week bundle yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive. I will be starting the diet on Tuesday providing that my package arrives tomorrow . Loads of weight to lose (almost 8 stone) so hoping that this will give me nice big losses on the scales each week. I get a bit obsessive over food so this is ideal for me as I won't have to think or plan meals until AAMW.
    My ideal goal would be to lose around 4 stone in 12 weeks which would get me to a weight were I would be happy in the gym. I then plan on upping the exercise and calories whilst keeping on the exante to drop the rest of the weight... But 4 stone is asking a lot so I'll take what I'm given. The important thing is that I am committed to giving this my all for 12 weeks.
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  3. Sparkley

    Sparkley Silver Member

    Good luck Nessa, sounds like you are fired up and raring to go. Keep that motivation high to get you through the difficult first few days and your first week loss will then give you the motivation to keep going. I started 1st July and have lost almost 8 stones so far and it's been the best thing I've ever done. Stick with it, you'll feel so much better for losing the weight. x
  4. bananaboo

    bananaboo Full Member

    Good luck! I'm on day 5 and I am loving it so far. I think it's something I can definitely stick to. No headaches, no shakiness and no physical hunger it's great! x
  5. Darcy15

    Darcy15 This is my year

    Hello and welcome :)
  6. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Thanks for all the good luck wishes. I am definitely fired up and raring to go. My parcel is due to arrive between 12 and 1. The idea that all my meals for the next 3 months at least are sorted for me is incredibly liberating. I obsess and fantasise about food and now I can put all that to one side and learn a different way of being.
  7. KellyJervis

    KellyJervis Full Member

    Did your parcel arrive Nessa?
  8. Nessa1980

    Nessa1980 Full Member

    Yes currently on day 3. Day 1 was quite difficult but woke up feeling fantastic on day 2. I am really enjoying it so far.

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