Exercise and CD


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Sorry if the answer to this is somehwere else on here....

I did CD before and did really well, however I now visit the gym with a personal trainer 3 times a week and take yoga and pilates classes. Is it ok to do this? Should I have an extra shake on the gym days?

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Not sure, but the moderator KD is a CD consultant. You could PM her and ask.


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Here's one answer:


What kind of workouts are you doing with your trainer?

Long story short, pilates and Yoga should be okay (as is weight training but try and keep your heart rate fairly stable) but be careful about higher impact cardio because it can lead to decreased weight loss, as well as your body using your muscles for fuel, and you don't want that.

Some people are okay maintaining their current levels of exercise, others aren't

When I was on SS+, I just did weight lifting but when I was on 810, I did cardio but in a low heart rate zone and no more than 30 mins at a time