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Exercise....calories burned and points??

S: 20st4.5lb C: 12st5lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 7st13.5lb(39.19%)
Hello everyone!!
I hate exercise...but i need to do it. Especially today when i worked out the ww points incorrectly and have gone over by 2 points.:mad: I am trying to be reallllly good and not go over my allowance at all. So today i want to gain back the 2 points i overate today with my excerise bike. Ive worked out online how many calories i would loose with my weight. But i cant find out how many calories burnt equates to in ww points?

Any one know?
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We have to do a certain amount of steps before we can earn activity points and to earn 1 AP it's quiet a few steps(exercise).
I brought a ww pedometer which some people say are rubbish but it dies show you what you need to do to earn AP, I was 17st 5lbs I used to do 4800 before I could earn AP then I used to do 15000 steps daily and earnt 3 AP so it's seems 5000 for me then was 1 AP. I have never used my AP as I see exercise as healthy part of my life, don't personally see the point in all that hard work and use food as a reward, I think ww should change this to occassionally as thus is what can lead to using food as a reward.
I do 4-5 exercise classes a week ie zumba combat aerobics doing 5 hours of intense exercise , walk loads but never use AP and I only lose 1.5 average a week if I used AP it would prob be 0 :( I am only on 20 points a day I started on 24, if we learn to use ww right we make sensible choices with filling foods, if I go over which I try not to having low points I take points from
other days, if I have am event I save points upto the 12 were allowed. It's taken me 22 years to realise how this works but I have bad days that's why they say slower we lose more we learn.

If you really need to use AP there's a points v exercise conversion chart remember to have done at least 5000 steps before you work out your AP and also change your exercise after a few months xx
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Right to the 'point'
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At a quick guess (going by your weight in the side bar) I reckon you'd earn those 2 points back with a cycle that makes you sweat quite hard in - at the very most - 20 minutes but probably closer to 15.
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the way WW work out AP is not based on calories, its based on your weight, the length of time you exercised for and whether your activity was high intensity, medium or low intensity.

i've made an educated guess that your intensity was medium, so if you were on the bike for half an hour you would've earned 2.5AP x

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