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Exercise DVD recommendations anyone?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Gwella, 23 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Hi all,
    Don't know if this counts as off-topic...

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a good exercise DVD?
    I like to get some cardio/strength exercise in, but I struggle to organise myself to get to the gym very often, so want to try it at home.

    It would be good if people can say what they've found helpful, and also things like how long each session is, how intense, whether you need equipment or lots of space (tiny London flat for me!), whether the music is horrible or the instructor annoying, etc!

    Thank you.
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  3. ACH

    ACH Full Member

    30 day shred, gets very repetitive with the background music but you could add your own. She scares me too, feel like she's watching me.

    Also, I used to do the weather girl of GMtV claire nasir I think she's called, lost like 3 inches on my waist in one week from hers and only did the first 20mins a day. I really liked that one
  4. i_am_plankton

    i_am_plankton Full Member

    I recommend 5 step fat attack by Claire Richards - really good DVD for all levels, you can pick and choose what you do or do the whole thing, and don't need loads of space.

    Another good one is Claire Sweeney's Perfect Fit, again highly recommended. I also like 30 day shred but all the lunges used to make my knees ache.

    I'm currently doing Kundalini Yoga (several DVDs by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh) and that is the right exercise for me as it works on the total you - physical as well as mental, it's lovely - you seem to advance quite quickly. I'm into week 3 and my stomach is much flatter and I can do things such as shoulder stands now which I couldn't do 3 weeks ago.
  5. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    I like Davila ultimate target. There is a menu so you just dip into whichever workouts you fancy. There beach bum, summer shoulders, bingo wings, fat buster, target abs and a couple more :) make sure you do the warm up and cool down though as you ache the day after!
  6. kandykaned24

    kandykaned24 Full Member

    Jillian Michaels - Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is the dvd Im using at the moment. Prefer it to 30ds more intense work out. No equipment required just working with your own body weight. After 2weeks can already see the inches melting off.
  7. smackiejackie

    smackiejackie Member

    I would like to know some as well but for someone who needs to loose a lot of weight, so something , that is not all jumping up and down etc.
  8. katiep83

    katiep83 Member

    Personally I don't do the dvds, I do Just sweat on the Just dance games. Just dance 4 cardio just sweat is fantastic, after 40 mins you can defo feel the aches and it helps burn around 100 cals.
  9. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I know it's silly, but I totally recommend the Miranda one (though get that everyone might not like her) I genuinely found it fun, considering I hate exercise i've been doing it about 4 nights a week and actually looking forward to it, it's a bit of nonsense, but the work-out does actually do you good and has different intensities, not the best if you've been a die-hard exercise fan but it's pretty good. Plus...who doesn't love maracas, I replaced mine after a while with some free-weights!
  10. iwannabslim30

    iwannabslim30 Full Member

    I brought the Miranda DVD recently as well and was suprised about how good a workout it was, and the bonus is it's good fun so you don't feel bored :) x
  11. Sarahslimming

    Sarahslimming Silver Member

    Think I want to get in on this Miranda one! Who doesn't love a good giggle when exercising!
  12. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Thanks everyone. I'll have a look at some of these, might see if any have free/online trials too. Today is one of those days where I woke up late and it's chucking it down so I would def exercise at home, but tbh dragging myself to the gym seems kinda unlikely...!
  13. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Well I just tried the version of the Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism that's on Youtube. Pretty tough, though at first it seemed ok becuase she never makes you do too many of one thing.
    I got about halfway through (doing it almost 100% to be fair) then needed a break, and my legs were already cramping up a bit. After 5 minutes I went back, but it was the core circuit and that was about enough for me so I fastforwarded to the cool down!
    I think next time I'll make sure I have some carbs earlier in the day and have a more empty stomach, as I could feel my water/snack slopping around which made me feel sick. I do struggle with some of the exercises as I have old elbow/knee injuries, but those were only small elements.
    I can see it would be pretty effective so I think I will aim to do it a couple of times a week and work up to doing the whole thing. But I can't say I enjoyed it - I guess one reason I like the gym is I can plug into my ipod and alternate easy and a bit harder on the crosstrainer!
  14. Llamasoks

    Llamasoks Gold Member

    I just attempted Jillians 30 day Shred, lasted about 10 minutes and then got bored! I can't say it wouldn't be effective, because it looks like a pretty good work-out, but it was pretty boring, definitely agree that the gym you can plug yourself in and ignore the world, I just end up yelling a the fitness guru's...which I think defeats he object...it makes me want to eat food in front of them.
  15. Gwella

    Gwella Silver Member

    Oh dear Lord, I can barely walk. Hope that means it did some good. Drinking loads of water now in case my muscles are retaining it, I have weigh-in tomorrow!
  16. Laurelie

    Laurelie Member

    30 day shred is incredible! But yes, it does get repetitive, but it also gets results really quickly! I like to imagine that Jillian really is yelling at me (Biggest Loser style) as it makes me work harder for sure :p
  17. StarvingPoet

    StarvingPoet Full Member

    Being 300+ pounds, I'm limited in what exercise I can do at the moment, but I love using Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds DVD's. :)

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