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I was thinking of ordering a workout dvd but there is sooo many out there im not sure what to get.I know the Davina one is fab but im looking for something a little more fun.
Was thinking of a Salsa dvd.Anyone tried one? Or Tai bo i think its called?
Was watching a shopping channel too and there was one very expensive one on there called Zumba.Looks soooo much fun.Its really huge in LA.

What do you guys have?
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rainbow brite

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I've got Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip. Not anywhere near as dodgy as it sounds (I only use disc 2 - disc one is pointless and disc three is where you start acting like a stripper and dressing like one too apparently!)

I saw the new Pussycat Dolls one the other day on TV and that looks fab :)


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I have the Davina one which is the one where she does kick boxing, something else and something else!! haha..not much use eh!!

I dont use them now because I go to the gym.....if you want I can loan them to you??? See whether you fancy them..they are actually very good, but not different like you are looking for.

It is up to the individual really and what they prefer; but you do like it to be fun.



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Thanks for the offer hun,ive just ordered a Zumba dvd.
Lets hope i can stick to it lol.



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haha i might have to try Rainbows lol !!


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i have the biggest loser the workout dvd ..i find it really good theres a bit of everything in it and it really gets you sweating!" lol x