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exercise games for the wii


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I've got the basic wii fit with balance board but I get bored of it easily. I was going to buy wii fit plus but there are so many other exercise games out there I thought I'd see if anyone knew any others that are good.

A friend lent me a dance workout one but I didnt really get on with it (a complete lack of rhythm and co-ordination is probably to blame!) so anything 'dancy' is probably not a good idea for me.

can anyone reccomend a good one?
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There is only now
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If you have no co-ordination and no rhythm - you need EA Active. There's a new one out but I've got the old one and the "More Workouts" add - on and it's fab.(You can use a balance board even though I don't have one.)

It logs your weight weekly and your stats and keeps you going. You have a stretch band with handles and a strap that goes round your thigh that monitors your movement. I have got thunder thighs and have to use the extension that comes with it.

It lets you set goals and awards you with trophies. You can even customise a workout and string together loads of things you like - I love the step stuff and squash.

I also have Wii Fitness Trainer - which is good but it's really just like a dvd because you just copy what's on screen.

I've heard the Biggest Loser one is good - a friend of mine has that and loves it.

Good luck in your search.


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EA Active is fab, but if you want cardio, then Zumba is the way! I have no co-ordination, but with a game it doesn't matter, and you'll burn loads of calories!
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I have so many exercise games because I get bored with them really quickly.

The latest in my collection is Biggest Loser and i haven't got bored yet!


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yes loving the biggest loser!!

thats WHEN i can play it coz i have a 15month old running around me lol i wud love a game where u can win medals and awards like we do at sw lol :)


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what biggest loser one have you got as there are several.


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i have two favourites that i rate far above anything else i have or have tried.

the biggest loser challenge one.....got it a few weeks ago and really like it.

and 'your shape'...i've had this for a year and still think its the best i've found...this gives a really good workout and there is a camera which goes on top of tv so it tracks you,no holding remotes etc.this is the best i have found so far.if you decide to buy this do search around though-its rrp is £50 and an awful lot of places sell for around this but you can fairly easily and regularly find it at around £20.


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oooo didnt no there were diff loser games ive just got the biggest loser usa one at the mo x


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my sister has recommended my fitness coach (the original one) I have bought it but haven't managed to get off my butt yet!!!! I have been working, honest!


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I've got My Fitness Coach as well but haven't tried it yet. My problem is that we are storing all the tiles to decorate the bathroom in the living room and I don't think I have enough space to work out in there at the moment.

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