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Exercise points. I know. Again


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my tracker says its 1.5 points hun


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does the online tracker automatically recognise jogging or do you input the intensity yourself? i've not used online tracking. 4 points at your weight would assume its high intensity, medium intensity is 1.5 according to the paper calculator for exercise.
It has jogging programmed in and comes up with 4 points. Is that what high intensity would be? Don't think it was high. No-one can do high for 30 minutes surely. The whol point if high is that you would not be able to sustain for that length of time. I dunno. I always counted it as 1.5 points so will tweak the online tracker.



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It depends on what YOU think :)

In the sliding thing in my pack high intensity is sweating after a few mins where as moderate is after 10 mins +

I do jogging and very rarely put it down to high, only when it kills me.


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Best thing to do is class it as mod ... then if it is high it's a bonus for you! :)
I sweat within seconds, but that's because I'm a sweat-monster at the best of times!! I worked harder this time than others as I hadn't done it for a while. It's hard and subjective isn't it. It says vigorous walking is mod, which means jogging would be high. I'll count as mod, then as I've always done and anything else is a bonus.

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