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MTS - Hope I ahve better luck with this

MTS - New start

After 5 months faffing about with SW, sticking 100%, and losing nothing, I ahve decided to come back to my old faithfull! I want to lose half a stone before Easter Monday. I'm going to Tenerife. Then another stone would be good. I'm allowed 18 points a day, though gone over over the weekend. Hoping to go less during the week. I am starting today in absolute earnest!

Saturday 27/2
cereal 1
Scan bran 0.5
Chocolate 2.5
Special K Bites 1.5
Caramel Mochiatta 3.5
PAncake 1
curry paste 2
Turkey 5
Olive oil 1
Pitta 2
meringue nest 1
Apple 0.5

Total 21

Sunday 28/2
cereal 3
milk 0.5
cappacino 1
6 x Pink and whites 3
2 x chicken thighs 7
2 x stuffing balls 2
1 Yorkshire 1
Gravy 0.5
Kimberley buscuit 1
chocolate 2.5
Total 22

Monday 1/3
Toast 1
Haribo 2
3 crumpets 3
Jam 1
Packet of pink and whites 3
WW Brownie 0.5
crisps 2
Chicken thigh 3.5
EL mayo 0.5
Hot chococlate 0.5
WW jelly
Total 16.5

Not so good over the weekend. Suddenly allowed loads of food I couldn't ahve on SW!! Got carried away. 100% from today til Tenerife

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Thanks BAbooshka

Today, I seemed to eat loads of rubbish today, but didn't work out too bad points wise. I need to use points more healthily in future though1

B Toast 1
milk 0.5

2 toast 2
Flora 0.5
frazzles x 2 3

LF sausages 3
mayo 0.5
Loads of salad and toms 0

S and puds
Mocha 2
Banana 1
Raspberries 0.5
Jelly 0
WW brownies 1.5
apple 0.5
choc 3

Total 18.5

Jogged 4km. It nearly killed me after not being well and not doing it for a fortnight. Usually like to do more, and faster, but at least I'm back in to it. First step is always the hardest. That's 1.5 points earned, so going to call it square. I don't really want to use activity points. I never really think it workd like that, but at least they are there. It's now 7pm, and I'm all pointed out. Oh well. I ahve eaten some rubbish today, so that serves me right. See how we go at weigh in. Think TOTM is approaching and making me want to binge.

you can do it MTS :) good luck! xxx


Minimin Addict
Hey MTS, i'm aa fellow SW struggler. This time last year i was a ww struggler but it seems to be fitting better this time. I think its normal for sw'ers to go a bit oot when they first move over, i'm trying to control my bread lust at the moment! Well done on running all that way ad good luck for your weigh in x
Thanks peeps


2 weetabix 2
milk 0.5
cereal 1

h/m leek and potato soup 1.5
sushi 3

steak 3.5
salad 0
EL mayo 0.5

Choc 1
mozzarella 2
frazzles 1.5
satsuma 0.5
mini twister 1

Total 18


Pitta 2
mackeral 2

0 point soup vegetable home made 0
WW carrot cake 1

half a Mcd snack wrap 2.5
7 McD chips 1
0 point soup

satsumas 0.5
cereal 2
biscuit 2
Hot chocolate 2.5

Total 15.5

5km jog, and 15 mins climbing machine. 600cals used. 1.5 APs.

I should ahve weighed myself. I daren't. If I ahven't lost weight I am gonna just jack it all in. I'm sure. I'm really terrified to do it. Perhaps at the weekend!

Hi I wouldnt weigh yourself only on the exact time once a week in the same place as your body can change hourly,I have once weighed 3 days in lost 4 lbs then I was like woohoo then on weigh-in day it said 2lbs Id stuck to plan but I was :cry:
Also works the other way Ive weighed a few days and and it was 0 then on weighin days its been 2+ lbs,I have the scales addiction :eek: but am trying not to weigh as I knwo it makes us stop,just keep doing what you are doing and drink the water and you'll lose eventually,I think with SW your body got used to what you were doing and clinged to the weight,maybe read up on plateaus if you havent as it does happen to most people ,Im keeping my fingers crossed for you xx
Today went a bit awry. Think I've kept it in reasonable limits. I finish work at 1.00pm, and then was gonna go to gym. Maybe earler as a day was a training day where I work. Great. Pitta for luch. No problem. Then my boss decided we were ti ahve a meeting starting at 12.00, and t apologuide she brought lunch. Pitta, anchovies, humous, salami, cheese, falafel, olives. Yum. ANd I didn't finsih until 3.15pm when I had to go and pick the kids up. Great. Loads of extra food. No exercise. I pointed it all out, and I think I've done 20 with a low point tea so not so bad. 2 points over. I was gonna save 4 for the weekend though. Never mind. I'll ahve to be more careful over the weekend. Some of that will be an unknown quantity which is why I was saving points! I hate it when things go wrong you ahve no conttol over!!!!

So brekkie

Pitta 2
marmite 0

Mezzie at work. 12

Steak medallion 3.5
Roasted vegetables and salad.

Total 20
fantastic WI, well done
Thanks folks!! BAck to work today, with left over meze still in fridge. I did resist, but didn't resist other things. It's been a roller coaster few days really. Saturday I dropped kids off at their dads, and got on the motorway to see bf. Hadn't seen him in 2 weeks and couldn't wait. Then, my car completed overheated, I was rescued by RAC, and 5 hour after I left, I ended up at home . Seven at night, fed up, and on my own. You can guess what happened next. Then Sunday on my own trying to sort out car, and fed up. Today I had a job interview for a job I really wanted. I then took the car to the garage. The garage told me probably a new head gaskett, £1000, car written off. Then on way back I was told I hadn't got the job. Agghhh!! Real emotional roller coaster. Then at 6.00pm the garage phoned and it was just the thermostat. £80.00. But he ahd to wind me up first! And tell me it was £800.00. Then my neighbour had a bit of an emergency, so I've had both her kids since around 6pm, as well as my own, til who knows when. I am knackered!!!! Anyway, food hasn't been perfect, binged a bit on Saturday when I got back, not made it up, needed a treat after the interview, but al in all, could ahve been worse really. Here goes!

cereal 2
crumpets 2
marg 0.5

half corn on cob 1

4 fajitas 10
chicken 1.5
penguin 2.5
Beer 2
After Eights 3
Options 1.5

Cappacino 1
Kimbereley 1
Total 27.5
Over by 9.5

2 weetabix 2
milk 0.5

2 x bread 3
LF cheese 3.5
vegemite 0

Chicken 4
stuffing ball 1
gravy 0.5
loads of veg 0

Apple 0.5
frazzles 1.5
jelly 0.5

Total 17
Made up 1 defecit of 7.5. Might actually just call it quits and draw a line under it


2 weetabix 2
milk 0.5

2 toast 3
spread 0.5
scone 4
spread 0.5

D Homemade chicken soup with home made stock. Think stock is 0, so 3

Crisps 1
2 ryvita 1
LC triangle 0.5
Twister 1

Total 17

Another 1 made up

Could ahve been worse, as so stressed and fed up. But back on straight and narrow now.



Up for the challenge
Well done on your loss my dear and good luck with the rest of your journey. xxx