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Exercise Thread


I`ve started this thread as personally, Exercise is of MAJOR importance for me to lose weight. I could diet til I was blue in the face and it would make no difference if I didn`t exercise.

I must admit to cheating a bit :p by using an Abdominal Toning Belt and a Vibroplate. The main reason for this is because I find it painful to exercise due to dodgy bones. I am also incorporating exercise on the Wii Fit and as the weather gets better (we can live in hope!!) I want to start cycling and go swimming. I do also have an exercise bike, X-trainer and Rowing Machine tho I`m not as good as getting on them lately :p

Anyway, Feel free to post in this thread if you wish to or just read it for motivation if it helps :D

I`ve been slack today, Haven`t been on the Wii Fit as I ache a lot. Therefore today I have done -

2 x 40 mins on the Fat Belt = 240 Abdominal Crunches

2 x 5 mins on the Vibroplate (5 mins on each leg) and by lordy did I feel the burn :eek: lol

LiSe Xx
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Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
I've not posted on this site for quite some time, can't sleep at the mo' ..... so here I am! I've lost 6st with Slimming World but despite being just 2lbs off my Target at Christmas time, I've put a few pounds ON since then! I'm REALLY annoyed, as I KNOW I'm doing what I'm supposed to with the Food Optimising Plan, but the weight just isn't shifting!

I never used to be able to do much in way of exercise when I was at my heaviest, but gradually I've built it up quite a bit, and I tend to do something "active" EVERY day now!

I started off just walking into town and back, instead of taking the car, that sort of thing and now I'll walk 10 miles in a session, AND incorporate a 40 minute jog into that! I also really LOVE skipping, in the back garden, with a bit of washing line! I'll easily do 10,000 skips in a day (although NOT all in one go ..... I'll do maybe 100 then come back in and get on with the housework or whatever, then go back out for another 100 ...... all day long! lol) I've started going to the gym too ~ I even managed to visit the hotel gym on holiday over Christmas and New Year most days, and my daughter's recently converted her garage into a home gym, so I'm holding out for a free home membership! I even manage to go swimming, and can now actually swim a few lengths in one go! lol I don't even mind being seen in a bathing suit when I'm there ~ after all it's not bad at all being in a size 10-12 rather than the size 20-22 I was "before"! I recently got a bike too, and although I'm not very steady at the moment, I'm TRYING! lol I would have been just too embarrassed to do ANY of these things "before"! I'm really enjoying it all into the bargain! I use a "Slendertone" belt EVERY day, and the biceps / triceps thingy too, and I reckon these have really helped to tone these areas up a bit, as I've been going along my weightloss journey!

Good luck to all of you out there wanting to add some "activity" into your lives!
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Good thread! Well im just at the beginning of my weight loss journey, I have ALOT to lose, so exercise is quite difficult for me, also tryig to fit it in when im either with my 3 year old or in work is hard. Yesterday I managed a 40 minute brisk walk, was very proud of myself doing that, had my MP3 player on and quite enjoyed it. Will try to do the same today, its alot easier at the weekend when my other half isnt in work. Im looking into doing a few keep fit classes, if I can find any that are on after I finish work. Keep up the good work ladies!
Indeed, good thread. Lynsey, walking is one of the best exercises and it's free! I must say I have always been quite active, even at my heaviest. I walk the kids to school and back again every day, always have done except in the most filthy weather and that's 2 miles so I have tried to build on top of that. I went out and clocked a few routes in the car so that I know how far they are and intend to walk more now the lighter evenings are here. I also do Wii Fit using the Wii Riiser too. This week I have just got EA Sports Active and I LOVE it. I have got tied into a 30 day challenge and while I don't feel the exercises are too hard fir me, boy do I feel it the next day. My kids are sick listening to "Owww my bum"!!

I am about to set myself a new challenge if anyone would like to join me. I am going to try to walk a "Marathon a Month" so I'm not going to count the school run walking but am going to try to walk an extra mile a day and hopefully build that up to 26 (or maybe more?) each month. Any other walkers out there?? Like to join me??

KB x


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great idea for a thread! i need to get exercising more! i take the dog for a walk most days but going to try and make it longer.

KB thats a great idea!sounds quite do-able over the month
I normally go out for a walk after I've had my evening meal. I'm averaging 37 mins. At the weekends I try and make it a bit longer because I don't seem to walk as fast for some reason (I do go out a lot earlier in the day)

I've also started walking down to the next floor to use the loo at work. I'd actually go to the floor below that but I don't know the code for the door! :eek:
had a nice jog/walk last night ahhhh im goin mad without the gym =[ lol.
Today I have done -

31 mins on the Wii Fit of Yoga, Muscle exercises, aerobics and balance

10 mins on Vibroplate after doing WF

1 x 40 mins with ab toning belt earlier in the day

1 x 40 mins with ab toning belt whilst sitting for 10 mins of the 40 on the vibroplate (No idea if that would help but thought I`d give it a go lol)

Have a great week everyone Xxx

Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
I'm no expert, but the Slendertone Abs Belt leaflet I got with mine tells you not to overdo it and a 30 minute session every second day, should be stuck to for the first few weeks then you could increase it to using it every day. Doing 2 x 40 minutes in one day seems a wee bit excessive, isn't it? This isn't a criticism but please be careful :eek:) x
i agree , i go on vibroplates 3 times a week and no more then ten mins each session , as over using will overuse muscles and ethier damage em or make u gain weight.. thats what the staff at the shop told me , and they would not have bothered saying that to me if it wasnt true coz i wuda spent more money there.

just be careful honey xx

right today ive decided to go to some classes

hip hop
legs bums and tums
and then spinning =D

wish me luck , im 17lbs away from ultimate goal so i need to get a move on with my shiiiz lol x
Spinning seems evil.

Even if I were my goal weight I wouldn't do spinning. :eek: :p
spinning is actually quite kool i love it , you should try it :p its not that scary really. x
I don't like the music they play and my legs hurt just looking at the people doing it :p. More of a gentle exercise person myself ;)
I got on the pushbike yesterday for the first time since I was about 10-12 yrs old (I`m 38 now :eek: ) and I did 10 mins and loved it :D Aswell as my usual 40mins with my fat belt and 5 mins on each leg on the vibroplate.

Today I lost the plot and did a 25 min cycle ride and at least half of it was UPHILL :eek: :eek: :eek: OMC!! I was sooo crackered from it, At one point I felt like I was going to throw up :( but I kept at it. I also had a 5 min brisk walk. Then I did 10 mins on the vibroplate but sat on my butt cos I was dying lmao then my usual 40 mins on the fat belt ;)

Tomorrow I`m going to have a chill day as I have work in the evening and don`t want to go in, in bits :p
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