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Exercise while on 100% TFR..?


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Day 3 is going well :)

I've been out today and bought a Kettlebell and booked myself in for Zumba and Body Attack... I know my pharmacist said that exercise doesn't really aid with the weight loss but I'm doing it to get me ready for when I eventually come off TFR.. and also to keep me fit a toned :)

Anyone have any experience of good exercise to help tone? As much as I would rather be slimmer and healthier, I do worry about having saggy skin :(

Hope everyone else is having a good day :D
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There are so many variables to consider, how much do you intend to lose? How quickly? How old are you? Do you moisturise? I have always exercised so I think that I'm reasonably toned for my age, 50, but bits of me like my neck and upper arms look worse thinner than they did fatter!

In any event, exercise is good for your heart and lungs so stick with it!
I use floats in the pool i do a length or two holding a float between my knees so only using my arms to swim then I hold the float with my hands and just use my legs... This helped keep my legs and upper arms (wings) toned... I also used hand weights while walking... And i swore by the aquatherapy pool at the gym to jingle your jelly bits lol xx good luck
Bloody crutches have been good for my bingo wings!
SandraB said:
Bloody crutches have been good for my bingo wings!
I bet they have... They are hard bloody work lol


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I can quite imagine Sandra, I broke my ankle over Xmas last year and I was knackered with them, theyre a bloody good work out arent they!

I'm 23, but I've got 2 little kiddies so the stomach area has suffered..for good cause though! :D I just want to tone up everywhere really, I use bio oil but dont actually moisturise...maybe I should start? haha

Amanda, the floats idea sounds great! I love swimming and if it can tone up my bingo wings (and thighs) all the better!! Think I'll dig the old tankini out :)
Fourth time on the bloody things for me .....shattered my leg in 2006 and had 18 pins and plates put in, three operations and three years recovery......absolutely sick of operations. But they have the power and they keep re-building me!

Bio oil is brilliant, I swear by it. It's fine as a general moisturiser too but perhaps a bit expensive to use on areas that don't really need it.....


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Well I only use it on my baby lines :) But I get it from Home Bargains so is slightly cheaper than usual. I've got loads of that dove tinted moisturiser stuff tho so may start using that..give myself a glow too :D

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