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I lost 4 and half pounds on my 1st week at slimming world, just had my second weigh in and lost 1 and half pound, just wanted to know if any of you guys do any regular exercise along with the slimming world programme,(and as it made a hughe difference in your losses) in my 1st week when i lost the 4 and half i didnt do any exercise at all, 2nd week i been the gym 5 times and only lost 1 and a half, now i am happy with that loss, but thought i would of lost a little bit more with doing the exercise as well
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I don't find that it speeds up my loss. I exercise regularly 5 x a week and have normal losses. I spoke to my counsellor about it and she said that if you regularly exercise you are also building muscle which weighs more than fat, so I went with that :)

Yea we spoke about that last week, but my consultant said it would take a long time for the fat to turn into muscle, so that that excuse out the window lol
I go to the gym regularly and I also dance for 4 hours a week. Although it hasnt sped up my loss, I am definitely more toned!


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Exercise generally won't affect your loss however it will make a difference to your body shape and you will probably find that you will get into smaller size clothes at a higher weight than you expected. Muscle does weigh heavier than fat however it is also denser but it would take about a year of consistent exercise for a woman to gain even a small amount of muscle (around a pound) therefore if you're losing weight at the same time you won't even notice this. People tend to gain weight when they are exercising as they have increased appetite or are not drinking enough- muscles need water to help repair themselves and if you're not drinking enough they will store what fluid they can for fear of dehydration.


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Also remember that fat cannot turn into muscle or vice versa. Think of a slab of butter and a steak. The cells and structure are very different. As you loose fat and build up your muscles at the same time you may notice your muscles showing where once fat was covering it. It does take a very long time and proper muscle building to make a difference to your weight.
People tend to gain weight when they are exercising as they have increased appetite or are not drinking enough- muscles need water to help repair themselves and if you're not drinking enough they will store what fluid they can for fear of dehydration.
I think that may be my problem, I know I dont drink enough, will have to try increase the amount i drink.....thanks for advice :)
Exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle and whilst SW do promote it (with the body magic awards) they do also say that it won't make huge differences to your weight losses. They estimate 14-28lbs a year which is only a pound or two a month.

Don't expect it to increase too much, just enjoy the benefits of the exercise and watch the inches (not necessarily the pounds) fall off!


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I do exercise but I always have been inclined to work out anyway. I have lost inches from thighs especially - my weight loss is most noticable on my thighs and now, as a result, they're getting really toned from the exercise.

I had a random 1lb gain in a week where I'd been training a lot more, and though I know I wouldn't have gained much muscle in that time, your body can react to increased exercise if sudden. But, my loss the week after was double normal so the benefit caught back up (it might have been water retention or something cause I wasn't likely drinking enough to compensate sweating more - TMI I know, sorry lol).

But don't worry about it impacting on weight - it may or may not effect it at times. But it WILL improve a lot of other things - how you feel within self, how you sleep, skin...and TONE! I feel much more confident than I have in ages and it's a mix of SW losses and the fact I am feeling fitter in general.

So go for it!

And well done on losses so far x


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My weightloss slowed down for about 4 weeks when I started exercising, but my measurements plummeted so I wasn't bothered. Yes your muscles do retain water at first but it will even out. Just remember, the tape measure is your best friend!
As always Judimac speaks the truth! Just a note about muscle boing heavier then fat though, lb for lb they are the same (obviously a lb fat weighs the same a lb of muscle) but muscle is more dense and holds water.


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I have to say i have found that exercise has helped my losses! When i go to the gym i lose about 2lb a week but if i dont it slows to 1lb. I discover this during the summer holidays because of dana being home i wasnt able to go and virtually ever week i lost 1lb.

I was talking to someone about it the other day and they said although you will build up muscle which may cause your losses to slow it will help you to tone and it will also help to speed up your metablisom. Apparently there was a documentary about it a little while ago?!

So basically for me i find it does help! It makes me feel healthier and helps me stay on plan!!


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A pound of muscle is denser than fat therefore it takes up less room, :confused: something like that anyway!

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