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As you may or may not know im starting WW next week. The only part of it bugging me is the exercise. I dont have the money or time to join a gym. I do have wii fit though, so would 20 mins a day on this be enough for now? Then maybe build up a wee bit when im able. Just any more than that just now id be on the floor begging for inhaler lol.
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when you first start ww you shouldnt need exercise to lose weight, its just advised that you do do some. 20 mins every few days would be an excellent starting point - something you can easily build on in a few weeks when you are feeling a little better about the exercising :)
Thanks for the reply. Will do it to personal discretion for first few weeks then. I'm not wanting to push myself too far, just up my activity levels.
you'll be fine doing that, last time i did weight watchers i never really intentionally exercised and still had good losses, so 20mins a couple of times a week is great.
I think any exercise is a good idea, and Wiifit is definitely fun, I enjoy it more than the gym tbh :)
I've just started adding in exercise to up my losses :)
Good luck!!
It is fun your right. I have a full length window in my living room so imagine me stood in front of it doing hula hoop lol. Look out onto a fairly busy road too :D
Hey hun. Good luck for your start.

I have done no exercise either and its still coming off pretty easily.
Im going to start over the summer to tone up once im where i want to be with my weight as when the fat turns to muscle it apparently weighs more which physiologically would kill me LOL

Try not to stress over it hun....take one small step at a time and you will get there xx
once you have EA sports active for the wii... you never need go gym again!!! Lol one of the most amazing ways i've found to keep fit, fun and actually works! ... still need to get the "more workouts" part... but also have the wiifit now.. oh dear.. super hula!!!!!! oh my tum, hips and legs still hurt!! :D so much fun hehe good luck
I don't think I can do the hula hooping haha, I feel like I'm just wobbling all over the place!!! My knees move too much... But hey, I suppose any movement is doing something :p


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
hello can anyone tell me what i need to buy to set up the wii fit stuff.

i dont know much about games consols. im assuming you need the main consol...and what else?
You need the Wii console, and the Balance Board, there are quite a lot of Bundles that come with the board :) I think mine was from Argos, or Tescos.
And I think that WiiFit is standard with the board, but WiiFit Plus is extra. I don't have WiiFit Plus.

I think a lot of boards come with wii fit plus as standard now cos it has the older games plus the new ones on it. Really good fun. I live in a top floor flat though so the running ones for me are a no no. Which bugs me cos i really like the free jogging. :(
I don't think I can do the hula hooping haha, I feel like I'm just wobbling all over the place!!! My knees move too much... But hey, I suppose any movement is doing something :p
I'm the same lmao instead of moving hips the whole body goes and knees bend! still hurts afterwards so as long as it's aching i don't mind it's doing it's job! :D
Im the same with hula hoop. Start off with smooth circles but end up jerking all over the place lol. Does the job though, even if my hips are killing the next day. Also on the step one does anyone else find they step all over the place? Especially when you have to go sideways. Or is it my lack of coordination coming into play again :p

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