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What :confused: Where :confused: When :confused:

I'm a complete novice, don't have a clue. I do have a Wii Fit but is that enough?

I want something to start me off to speed the weight lose up and then i'll worry about toning. Or should that be hand in hand?

I'm not ready for the big outdoors like running, black eyes anyone? Don't think i would feel comy in the gym either, not yet.

So any advice grately appreciated :D x
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Getting there!!!
try yoga or pilates,great relaxer and excellent workouts that really make a difference to your body and mind!! its hard at first but just be gentle on yourself! im telling you its a great toner for the whole body!
This is a tricky one, because everyone is different. Exercise will obviously help anyone to lose weight under normal circumstances, but I think you have to be careful when on a VLCD.

For some on Cambridge, exercise can slow down their weight loss. I believe the reason for this is that the body senses the change and tries to keep storing the fat to be used when exercising. It's amazing what the body does under different circumstances.

I think it is recommended not to start exercise or change your routine when on Cambridge, at least for the first few weeks to a month.

Having said all of that, I did some light weight training and some cardio and it didn't seem to affect it in a positive or negative way. So I intend to do that again this time.


please try again
i do a line dancing class once a week with erm some older ladys ( most are over 60 )
i have a shake before i go, take water with me, sit out a dance if im dizzy and laugh along with everyone

my other exercise is walking. round the block, to the shops and back etc, it all counts
Thanks guys :)

I think the key is to get myself moving, i think it being my first week and not really seeing any rewards yet is making me impatient :eek:

That really wouldn't shock my DH :p

Quiet frankly just the word Yoga scares me, Trivenam do you follow anything in particular? A DVD, Wii Fit?

What would i do without you all x

Lisa D

Full Member
I think i'm going to get the majority of my weight off first then start exercising and toning when I start moving up the plans, I know you need to be careful when on a VLCD.
I've got a wii fit and the plus version, plus the fitness thing and I don't do any of them :eek:
Must get into them, they are good fun!
We could do a wii fit challenge maybe?
For some on Cambridge, exercise can slow down their weight loss. I believe the reason for this is that the body senses the change and tries to keep storing the fat to be used when exercising. It's amazing what the body does under different circumstances.

What actually happens is that because of your low calorie intake, when you exercise (particularly cardio stuff that gets you out of breath and sweaty) your body uses itself to provide the energy for it.

Although it burns fat, it also burns muscle. To replace this muscle you need lots of protein, and you're not getting it whilst on SS.

So if you exercise too much you lose muscle. Now the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism runs as a general rule. So less muscle = slower metabolism, and of course slower metabolism = slower weightloss!

This is why to much exercise isn't recommended, especially cardio and especially when you are SS-ing.

If you are a novice, start gently. Go for a walk. Go swimming maybe. When you are standing up, squat occasionally! Do some situps - even one will make a difference. Grab a can of beans in each hand and raise them over your head then down again a few times. Lots of little things will all add up and help.

Your wii-fit is probably a good idea but don't try to do it all at once. Do the stretch and tone and strength stuff first, this will help you maintain your muscle rather than burn it.

Eventually you will start to see improvements in your fitness, and you can then think about classes, or the gym, or whatever you fancy.
Thanks for that Yambabe, I'll have a read. I mentioned on another thread about muscle loss on a VLCD. I was told unofficially that it is better do to some moderate weight training rather than cardio. No one seems to know the definitive answer though.
I'm not sure there is a definitive answer to be honest.

We are all different and our bodies are unique so what works for one person may be a total disaster for someone else.

I think the best approach is the "suck it and see" one. Try something new, and if you're happy with the result keep doing it and maybe add some more as well. If you're not, don't do that one again and try something else.

From a personal point of view for instance, when I started my Exante Total plan (similar to SS) I was already going to the gym once a week so I kept that up but modified my routines to be much more resistance-based, and I started to walk the dog every night too. Just round the block so maybe half a mile or so but it was a start.

As I've gone on I started going swimming once a week too, and the dog walks got longer and longer. I also got some equipment and started to do occasional light resistance workouts at home.

About a month ago I moved onto refeed phase (now equivalent to 810/1000 plans on CD I think) and because I'm getting more protein I also do more exercise. I'm in the gym twice a week now, still dogwalking, but at the moment I'm not swimming cos I go running :eek: twice a week. Not far, not fast (I have worked up from 30 sec jog & 1 min walk repeated 4 times to 1 min jog 1 min walk repeated 6 times so far though) but each time I go it gets just a little easier.

When I go to my next diet stage (equivalent to your 1200/1500) I'm hoping that as well as 2 gym sessions and the dogwalks I will be running 3 times a week for a bit longer and will have time to get back in the pool too.

So it's all been gradual and staged to fit in with my diet and so far (touch wood) it seems to be working for me. :)

[edited to add: I have a set of scales that measure my muscle fat and body fat percentages. Since I started the diet my muscle mass has actually improved, it was 29% and it's now around 36%. I'm convinced that this is due to the resistance work in the gym and my dogwalking......]

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