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Hi, I'm new here. Been doing Slimming World since the start of the year, but want to start doing exercise to help with the losses. I have a treadmill in my room, and have been using it, but I'm unsure at what speed I need to go, and how long for, how many days etc. I was wondering what those of you who use a treadmill (either at home or the gym) do. Do I need to use it every day? At the moment I go on it three times a week but not sure if that's enough! From what I've read, probably not! There are so many conflicting ideas on the internet though who claim to be experts, it just confuses me... I'd rather know what you guys think and how your experiences with the treadmill has helped you guys! As you can see, it's a pretty standard and old treadmill. Not much you can do apart from change the speed and time. Not possible to change incline or anything. Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated. :)
I suppose it depends on what speed you feel the benefit. I change mine. Most of the time I just do a mile at 3.5 (not sure if it's mph), but for the last 10th of the mile I up the speed to 4 or 4.5