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Cruise PP Exercise


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On weekdays I walk 30 - 60 minutes to and from work
On weekends I walk up to 2-6 hours a day, often uphill, over rough ground
I swim at least once a week for 45 minutes
And sometimes I dig ditches by hand!


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You do well Atropos! That's fab.

I'm a David Lloyd's junkie - I'm there:
  • 1-2x week for a 45 minute Step class (just back actually! :))
  • 2-3x week for Zumba if I can get in
So, average is 3x minimum but sometimes 4x if I can.

I also do Yoga/Muscle Strengthening on Wii Fit Plus 5-6x a week and if no DL's, add in some Step or Hula-Hooping for aerobics. I only started this exercise when I started Dukan.

I live in town too, so I walk loads (and I always take the stairs! ;))


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Soshfly - you are doing so much more than I am!
(Although almost a week on, and my shoulders are still stiff from all that digging)

And, yes - stairs every time!


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I started with his 20 min walk per day, and wasn't very fast about it...

Now, three years later I walk to work every day (it's not raining). If direct, 4.5km and I don't hang around and overtake all, then I add detours, in the summer up to 7km. Only walk home if there's a strike, boo hiss!


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I walk a bit at weekends, but that's my laziest part of the week. On weekdays, my current routine goes something along the lines of:

Monday - 40 minutes of mat-based Pilates
Tuesday - 1 hour dance class, plus 35-40 mins walking home afterwards if it's not raining
Wednesday - 45-55 minutes of intense brisk walking with added exercises
Thursday - 45 minutes of Pilates with a resistance band
Friday - 45- 55 minutes of intense brisk walking with added exercises

Occasionally, I'll also throw (not literally, though) some free weights in here and there.

And then, of course, there's the constant running (and I do run!) up and down stairs for a wee!
I run 3x per week before work (around 3/4/5 miles, hoping to increase once cruise is well under way) Followed by core/leg exercises and around 100 pressups.
Walk on my lunchbreaks (briskly) Probably about 40mins 5 days a week.
Every weekday evening about 45 mins taking dog a walk and kicking her ball around. This is her Sunday walk too.
Saturdays- 2/3 hour walk with the dog around the Royal Parks near here, also kicking her ball. (She loves her football!)

Used to do 2x gym workouts too, but got out of the habit of those when I injured my foot, have been working on getting my running back up first so will restart those in a week or two. Also go to basketball training occasionally on a Sunday afternoon.

Thing is I injure myself because I overdo it sometimes, but I've really grown to love running and wouldn't be without my "me" time.


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You all do so much, surprised youre here.

I walk to and from the bus station mon-fri, 20-30mins each way depending on route.
At the weekend am trying to use the gym, usually 15mins cross trainer, some weights and couple of kms in the rower but I've been slack over the break.
With me, the weight seems to be fairly genetic, all the women in my family are big. And I've never "really" been slim, except for last year in the height of my training when I got to 58kg, but I really had to starve myself to get there and exercise excessively. I also figure being slimmer will aid my running and make me less likely to gain injuries in the future.

The exercise for me, is because my lifelong goal is to join the Army, but injuries that occured just as the cost cutting/downsizing happened means that there's no spots for me for the foreseeable future. So, next year myself and my hubby (who's an Aussie) are moving to Australia so I can join up there, and because we'd have a better quality of life. It explains why I have a tendency to get a little carried away with the exercise and end up hurting myself as I've drilled into my head a "no pain, no gain" attitude, and that I have to keep going no matter what as I wouldn't be allowed to drop back in basic training.

But the weight, I've always struggled with it to be honest. I love food, and I love a good glass (or bottle) of wine and keeping up with my hubby and his mates with a pint or 3. That combined with that my family all find it really easy to put on weight seemed to be a recipe for disaster. And then when I injured myself, what did I do to make myself feel better about not being able to run? Yup, drink wine and eat cake/biscuits/anything I felt I deserved for being miserable!


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You all do so much, surprised youre here.

I walk to and from the bus station mon-fri, 20-30mins each way depending on route.
At the weekend am trying to use the gym, usually 15mins cross trainer, some weights and couple of kms in the rower but I've been slack over the break.
Yes, I'm sure the ladies at the gym are like "gee, she's always here but exactly the same size"! ;) But my intent for exercising was never to lose weight - I do enjoy it and also its help maintain my original weight loss.

But a big part of this adventure for me is to lose weight so I can enjoy my exercise even more (and running - which I don't do often enough to note... yet!)
Well ive joined gym today so pleased with myself coz got to admit Ive hated it before but determined to loose weight and be happy with the body I have after havin to beautiful babies


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Do you think I should do more exercise than the recommended walks?
In another thread you said you were frequently to tired to stay awake in the evening - perhaps you are already doing too much exercise, particularly as you have an active job.
If you can, I wouldn't kill yourself over it though. If you want to run, and currently don't run. I would recommend the "couch to 5k" programme (aka c25k). It builds you up gradually, which would be a good thing, both to allow your body to get used to running and because you've already shocked your system with attack. I use it everytime I've had time off from running, whether it be because of injury/laziness/being away etc.

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