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I WILL be thin!!
yes that would count but do you have a wii what about the dance games im not big on exersise but i enjoy the dance games and zumba on the wii i love to bits


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Walking should be fine, there are some on here who do no exercise at all and still lose :) I don't do a huge amount myself to be honest, and what I do do is very low impact (yoga and pilates) xx
Buy just dance 2 for the wii and do the just sweat part 6 songs total about 20 mins a day :)


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Right, I don't exercise. Well, ok, I'll be honest, I WON'T exercise. I hate it, I get no joy out of it but I know that Exante requires at least 20 mins a day. What I will and can do is walk extra every day. Would that count?? :p
OK so you don't want to exercise, that's fine. Its your body and you make the choices.

Exante offer rules and guidance - if it works for you follow it. If it doesn't work that's fine too. You are in charge of you - no one else.

You may just change your mind when the fat melts - I did but that does not mean what is right for me is right for you. Take charge and do what you want to do for YOU.


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It's the very low calories that make the difference to your weight, not really the exercise, so you'll still be losing the weight, whatever you decide to do about exercise. However, you may find the wobbly bits tone up a bit better if you do some exercise! I also feel better for doing it, but as GSQ says, you have to decide what is right for you :)


I WILL be thin!!
I'm lucky enough to live in an area with nice places to walk, including the beach, so I dont mind that at all, especially while summer is here. I just hoped that doing exercises wasnt absolutely essential to weight loss. Walking every day will do for me :)
Walking every day is an excellent choice of exercise :)


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can I join the 'every day walking' club please? :)
I hate exercising. Any kind of it. Hate it with passion LOL

lazy bum me... :eek:


I WILL be thin!!
Someone after my own heart..lol. Bet you dont live by me :( Otherwise we couldve done beach walks together :D


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It doesn't make a jot of difference and I don't believe any other VLCD recommends this 20 minutes a day. I never do exercise - I would rather diet, THAT'S how much I hate exercise!! However as a way of keeping it off it's probably sadly inevitable. Buy a puppy - I just have and I get nothing but joy from running around with him!! xx


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