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Exercise ???


Pink and Fluffy Poster
If you have the energy... go for it. Listen to your body and if it starts to squeak slow down.
I carried on with my running training whilst on Sole Source, I did my Race for Life on it and my interval training. I go cycling to work everyday and did that through Sole Source. I listen to my body and when she says slow down... I do.

I don't know how it has impacted on my weight but it certainly hasn't hurt and I also think it has helped keep my muscle percentage up.


Must do it this time
I Have Exercised Since Starting Cd,and To Be Honest I Am Really Toning Up As Im Losing The Weight So Im My Opinion Its A Positive Thing To Do,you Should Go For It Hun,it You Feel The Urge To Walk Then Do It,but Do Listen To Your Body,if Its Saying Slow Down,then Slow Down,it Doesnt Seem To Have Effected My Losses Either,
Happy Walking,
Elaine X


Step away from the chips!
I'm also walking most days - love it :D And its not just good for the body, I find it good for the soul too.
As i said on anotherthread my walking is at a fairly gentle pace as i usually have the little ones with me but i try to walk for about an hour. I'm good with that & could quite easily up the pace if i didnt have the troops in tow :rolleyes: I havent had any prob with it effecting my losses.

Good luck & enjoy!
I am just out of my first week,and have just started to do Yoga on the wii fit,for the stretching benefits. I love yoga because it gradually builds up muscles in your ankles and wrists though i can't do the standing on one leg thingy,but those things,when you can do them do help to build up my strenghth, so I can graduate to something more energetic later.

It says that the deep breathing exercises help your metabolism.

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