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I will do this!!!
To be perfectly honest I've done practically none. I really should though... lol


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u can't do any for the first week or so anyway hun - but i normally do some sit ups, some yoga and go on my strider each day. but i probably only do about 30 - 45 mins a day of exercise. i didn't get fat from being energetic LOL


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I hardly do any aside from walking the dog! I get too exhausted!


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Do you think 20-30 mins on an exercise bike would be okay as I am only in wk 2 but think I should do something?!
LOL FFBB, likewise :D


Wanna be....sexy!
If I smoked,I would,does lifting my backside off the chair to relieve the numbness count?!


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I was going to the gym at least 4 times a week before I started this, since Lipo Day I have not been at all. I keep getting dizzy spells when I stand up too quickly so i dont think i'm gonna have the energy to do to much. However soon as diet is over I'm going back to gym and will hit the weights in a big way :).

My theory is if I build lots of muscle mass it will burn more energy offsetting the slowed doen metabolism.

Also the bulk of the muscle will have a toning effect on my skin.
Oh Cankster so pleased to hear someone else gets those dizzy spells!!! If my six month old wakes during the night it is a struggle for me to find his room because i am completely dizzy and all i can see is black!! Have been doing some walking and dancing but def not as energetic as i was!
I just walk about 2.5-3.5 miles a day ride my bike for 20 minutes or so every day and generally try not to be lazy and use the stairs whenever possible.

Will be joining the Gym in November/December time but till then its light moderate exercise and after that its all out for toning etc


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I do about 20 mins on one of those Gazelle (which are awesome by the way,so worth the money) It's like running but theres no impact on my knees. I lost an inch off my thighs doing 5 x 20 mins sessions before I started Lipotrim so hopefully keeping that up I won't get saggy yay x
Im with you guys on the dizzy spells! Especially when getting up too quickly from sitting down, and when getting up for a wee in the night.

I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week, and do 50mins ish of cardio treadmill/rower/bike and then 20-mins in the pool to warm down. It feels great after, although I definitely have less energy than before LT and have a complete energy shutdown within an hour of going to the gym, and good for nothing but couch potatoeing for at least 2 hours to recover. Also get more dizzy spells after going. But it must be doing me good right???????


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As much as possible apart from when i am ill! It all helps and also helps you build it into your life for after LT ... when i started lt i was training for the race for life.. so was running 3 times a week minimum never felt bad of it...listen to your body and do as much as you can.. If not cardio at least do some toning as it will help with muscle building/definition (the more muscle you have the more effective you are at losing weight) and toning helps with loose skin issues to ... after week one i would go for it hun!!!!!

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