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im not to sure but i do know if ive had a busy day at work and ive been walking around all day im wrecked ,but id like to start a bit of exercise too ... im not very helpful but hi :)
I think the general rule is do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with and definitely don't overdo it in the first few weeks.
I have been doing daily exercise since about week 3 but everyone is different.
With LT you will loose weight regardless of if you exercise or not but exercise can help tone you up and improve your general fitness and obviously it will speed up your weight loss.
Good Luck xxx


Gonna be slim again
Exercise definatley wont do you no harm, but as already stated dont think you have to do it straight away, listen to your body and do it when you have the energy. If you exercise too hard you will build/increase the muscle mass which weighs more than fat, so may dissapoint you if you see fat coming off slower! All you have to do is get your heart pumping (not mad) with a slight sweat on and that will burn fat at the optimum level (its actuall 65% of your max heart rate) To work out your MHR subtract your age from 220, this gives you your MHR ie 100%. You can work out the rest from there.
All you need to do is walk for at least 45mins 3-4 times a week.
Thanks. Right im going to start leaving the car in the mornings for the school run, il be doing alot more walking. I definately dont want to increase my muscle mass too much. I really just want to tone up. Iv got the Rebecca Wheatley-The new workout Dvd at home, i will put it on tonight and get my heart pumping. Will aim for 2 nights a week to begin with and see how that goes.

Nicola x
I am just coming to the end of my first week and have to say I felt pretty awful I lead an extremely active life and have a physical job so it was really tough for me but now I feel great I would ditto everyone else and say listen to your body do not try and push yourself as you will feel tired and weak which defeats the purpost of exercise!!!!

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