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I started my exercise regime today. I'm using the Davina McColl Power of 3 DVD and doing Warm-Up, 1 Section, Cool Down with the focus on the upper body and the abdominals section.

I walked my way through the cardio-fat burning bits (3 x 1min sections)and didn't push myself too hard just yet but the thing is I'm feeling a little fuzzy/shaky now. Is this to be expected?

Now that I have almost 4stone off I think I really need to look at tightening things up as everything is getting a little erm loose :(
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Hiiiyah!! (hehe)

Yes, feeling a bit dizzy is to be expected when you exercise whilst on a vlcd. Listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard. Remember that you don't have any glycogen in your muscle tissue so take it easy.

Well done on a fab loss so far!!!!
Hi Ya, :)

Yes take care with exercise especially if your body isn't used to it. As soon as you fill shakey stop as your body is telling you something. I have seen someone go into a fit due to over doing it with exercise while on the Cambridge and it is very scary to witness.

It's good you are trying to exercise as it will help tighten things up. I found it helped me to tighten up some of the loose skin. Shame it didn't give me a six pack though. :D

Swimming I found really helped me tone up.

Keep up the good work, your doing great.

I have an allergy to exercise! Does running up & down the stairs numerous times to try & convince babyboy he does need a nap count?

I hope you find the right balance so you don't feel dizzy etc. Have you felt OK since?
Hi ya, :)

I have been doing abit more free weights recently at the gym as I can now see the muscles that I didnt see before. So this as pushed me more to do this.( I find this boring normally)

I have spoken to someone tonight who does pilates and from what they said it sounds like easy exercise without killing yourself and muscle building and toning is the main aim.

Has Anyone experienced this type of exercise as it seems to good to be true.:confused: