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My hubby and I are thinking of going walking more often. There are some lovely places where we live that will be nice for a good walk. Other than that, I want to do some more swimming and I am going to the Dr's on Wednesday to see if he can prescribe some exercise for me. (He mentioned it when I went to see him last yr).


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I go swimming once a week (we rent a private swimming pool) and we take the dog for walks, (although not recently as he's been poorly and has been on a no exercise regime for the last 6 weeks aaagggh) x


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I walk lots, it's the only thing I can stick to. The car went on the blink several weeks ago and I've been walking everywhere as I'd rather that than stand about waiting for buses. I do have a veritable library of workout dvds which I do on occasion but that's usually when I'm feeling revved up and on a health kick (ummm about 3 times a month lol). I do love walking so it encourages me to stick to an exercise plan - I think half the battle is finding a plan you enjoy rather than dread.
I do it for the same reason as you've said though, I don't want to lose fat and end up a flabby thing with floppy bits.
It's a good idea to check out what your local council has to offer too, with all the focus on health at the moment several are running programmes. Our leisure scheme is only £26ish pounds per month for access to any of the local leisure centres, their pools and classes.
Best of luck x


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i have a mini trampoline thats great! stick some upbeat music on and you can totally take it at your own pace. plus just dancing around yr living room will work up a sweat and is great as a starter excerise - im also a couch potato looking to start doing excerise! workout dvds are good too. good luck! xxx


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I walk a fair bit (round the shops LOL) Nah I walk school and stuff! Then I do crunches and wall push ups at home. Getting a wii fit (being del in the next few weeks!) Starting swimming again and training for Race for Life :/

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I walk lots and I dance like a nutter whenever possible, I do my exercise DVDs when i get the inspiration but i mainly rely on walking lots and dancing like a nutter

Gen x


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I am a gym convert!

Before April last year (when I started SW) I couldn't get at all motivated to go to a gym or exercise...

Now I go to the gym at least 3 times a week and exercise as much as I can in my normal day -like walking up the stairs instead of taking a lift...

Just bought a heart rate monitor as a Xmas pressie to myself and it's really motivational to use.

After a weight loss of 4 and half stone, I'm positive that if I didn't exersise as much as I have been, I wouldn't be as toned as I am.


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mmm well i think about walking to the station and home but in reality i walk home which is 1 mile but get the bus to the station, it will be different when its lighter in the mornings as i will walk both ways


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i have a mini trampoline thats great! stick some upbeat music on and you can totally take it at your own pace. plus just dancing around yr living room will work up a sweat and is great as a starter excerise - im also a couch potato looking to start doing excerise! workout dvds are good too. good luck! xxx

i have one of them stuck in my bedroom lol, sounds daft but do u just jump on it ????


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i got a polar f11heart rate monitor for xmas and its brilliant, you wear it when you do exercise and it keeps you within certain heart rate zones and sets you targets for exercise. it rated my fitness as low on xmas day so set myself a program to increase fitness levels and have to do 3hrs10mins and 1200 cals a week and fitness has already increased to moderate and i feel great. at the moment im jogging/walking, swimming, using cross trainer and even just jumping and dancing around the house to keep my heart rate up, its mainly working at 140-160bmp which is easily maintainable, can still hold a converstation and obv as my fitness gets better my heart rate will get lower and ill be doing more and more exercise for the same effort levels.

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I have the Wii Fit, which I use at least 4 times (only just started to do this by the way!) a week for 40 mins a time, I teach jive every Thursday, so dance for 4 hours and I walk. Havent done swimming for a while as Im a fair weather girl! Lol - nah Daughter suffers with ear infections a lot and I stay with her.


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I'm desperate for a wii fit!

I'm going to walk more. As my shifts don't start until 11am and I drop the kids off at school for 9am, I'm going to walk as far as I can to work - although I expect to give up and get the bus!! But I do plan on pushing myself a little harder, even if I'm only walking a couple of bus stops further at first.

Every extra bit I do will make a difference.
hi i am new to here but just thought i would post and say how i think exercise is vital to tone up and so that there is no excess skin left after u have lost weight by diet alone. Personally i power walk when walking my dog, cycle and have recently started going the gym and do sit ups. It all helps speed up the metabolism which will help burn more calories . I follow the slimming world diet and am finding i am never hungry , although it is hard sometimes to resist cravings, if i have a little chocolate i just up the exercise but my eating habits have changed dramatically i used to be lazy at cooking but now i love preparing meals from scratch, i mix it up with low fat ready meals and drink lots of water and fruit.

honeybun xx


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Exercise-love it!

I love exercising, when I'm motivated that is! It's hard to get started, but once you do you'll be well impressed with yourself, and it helps in so many ways- depression, pain relief, relaxation, better sleep etc.

Today so far I've done;
45min spin class,
1 hr pilates class
20mins Interval training (treadmill)

And later after WI I'm off to an hors dance class! Can't wait!
BTW it's my day off, I usually don't exercise as much every day lol.
Good luck! x


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i walk to my work and back which is about half an hour each way.
i'm also a member at the councils gym, but with me just starting back the diet i've not been this year yet. Will start back this week, i've got no excuse for not going as its right opposite my house.