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Evening all, had a good day?

Just wondering how many people exercise on here? If you do, how much? Do you go to the gym or exercise at home? Does it make much difference to your weight loss?

Sorry for all the questions! it's just that I go to the gym approximatly 4 times a week and do about 40 minute solid work out a time. However, i dont loose much more weight than what I do when i'mdieting and not going to the gym!

Just wondered if it made much difference for other people?

Sarah :)
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I do, but I find that it doesn't affect my weight much as well. It's better if I do less intense exercise - walking, swimming, cycling, light weight etc. I've had problems when I run!

What it does do is make me fitter, tone me up loads and help me lose actual inches, which can only be a good thing.

I'm not a member of a gym - I used to be, but now I stick to free exercise in the park, weights at home and playing on the wii. 3 times a week but more if I can. I aim for half an hour of activity per day. Don't usually get there but I try.
I was starting to wonder if the gym was making any difference at all! Waste of money if I can do some light exercise at home and still achieve the same!


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Hi Sarah-Jayne,

It will definitely be making you fitter if nothing else. If you're not seeing much of a change in weight, this might be due to your body developing more muscle.

Try measuring your vital statistics - waist, hips, biceps, etc - and then again in a few weeks time. I think you might see a difference there rather than on the scales.

Keep at it - it's good for you even if it might not be changing your weight in any obvious way.


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i have been doing 1/2 hour lately on my spinning disc thing. I am soooo lazy i should be doing my Davina work out.


Hi Sarah-Jayne, I use my cross-trainer for 30-40 mins twice a week, and go to an aerobics/toning workout once a week. On other days I tend to go for a half hour walk with the pushchair. I don't really think the exercise makes a huge difference to my weight loss, but I am definitely getting more toned, which is great!


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I agree with the others, it may not make much of a difference to your weight loss but it makes a big difference to your well being.

I lost my weight without shifting my backside but now i do exercise, I also aim for 30 mins a day - a struggle sometimes as i have a desk job but I try to walk and have recently started running for the race for life.

Whether or not it makes you lose more weight, the benefits are huge and it won't harm your weight loss. I've found I'm trimming down a bit on my legs and waist but not losing any weight (not that I want to) and it's toning up my flabby bits!!

Stick with it. xx


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Hi I dont do any exercise and my loss has been on aerage 2lbs a week, I would love to start exercising to tone up and feel good though. :) Worried it will increase my weight though :D
Excersise BOOSTS your metabolism. While it not contribute to weight loss directly, like what we eat does. It does make our bodies more efficient at burning calories.


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they say that exercise is essential if you have a lot of weight to loose as it can reduce the amount of skin that you have left. i better start exercising like mad. I have a C section tummy.


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Hi I dont do any exercise and my loss has been on aerage 2lbs a week, I would love to start exercising to tone up and feel good though. :) Worried it will increase my weight though :D
You won't increase your weight, the old "muscle weighs more than fat" statement is true, but it takes a long time to change. I often hear people say at group that they have done lots of exercise that week so must have gained due to muscle mass weight. So not true!
Eventually, with lots of resistance training and weights you may gain weight but I bet your measurements would be smaller overall.


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i have been maintaining and even gaining some weeks. Since starting exercise i can feel myself focussing on the plan more and even weeks i didn't lose people are askign me am i still losing weight - the toning is doing the trick :)

Now i am back on plan the exercise will go hand in hand with the plan - the plan will remove the flab and exercise will tone my body and keep me healthy :)

I exercise 4 times a week. 1 night of swimming and 3 times of Davina 30 minute exercises. 2 weeks in and i can see the difference already :)


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I've lost 4lbs, but I've lost inches by restarting my pole dancing for 45 mins, 3 times a week (for now, I will increase to 5) and doing 30 mins Wii Fit, or My Fitness Coach on the other days. I don't have a 'rest' day, I do Yoga from either Wii game instead, since I'm planning on increasing my pole work, I also need to increase my flexibility, the two go hand in hand. Yoga/Pilates increase core strength and Pole Work tones and strengthens.


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I want to get toned up and have more energy so I just joined the gym last week and intend to go twice a week. I also try and walk at least half an hour a few times a week and I also do my fitness dvd once a week at the mo, I could do with doing it another time though as it is class!


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When you start exercising, if you do lots, then the muscles retain water which shows on the scales, but this evens out in a couple of weeks. Remember, exercise will only boost weight loss by 1-2lbs a month. BUT! Get your tape measure out, and take photos every month and you will see the results that way! I went to Tai Chi one winter, and tho it's nice gentle calming stuff, my thighs completely changed shape (for the better) The other thing is you benefit so much more mentally too.

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