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i go jogging in the woods next to my house ive found this to help
i do have a rowing machine but ive jst never got the room 2 get it out reely
I walk for 30 mins to an hour as often as I can every other day if possible.


Here we go again!
Since week 2 I have been to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. I now go swimming once a week to take the place of a gym session. I have done light toning exercises though, don't think too much cardio is recommended whilst doing LT cos of the lack of calories we are taking in. I also walk from work 4 nights a week, really quickly, for about 20-25 mins. Together these have really help tone me up.

Don't go mad whatever you chose to do and just listen to your body and stop when feeling tired.
i go to gym twice a week, and use treadmill/ rowing machine steppers etc, but I have noticed i can't do half as much as before i started LT again.... I feel utterly nackered during sessions now and have started cutting down my time at gym whilst in on LT for time being cos i feel like i'm ready for faintin! Plus i dont reckon the excercise is having much impact on weight loss on LT anyway... :)
I still haven't gone back to the gym after promising myself...there is something I have to do every night.....!! Baking bread, dropping something round my daughters....my daughter and boyfriend coming over for dinner, shopping....etc! Thought my life would slow down once I hit my 50's....no such luck!
Hey, only just started - But tonight ill be doing a mini little work out, if i dont pass out lol.

Just something small like some situps, probably work on my bingo wings etc.

Then as time goes on, just up it a little each week.

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